27 September 2011


So I started teaching...

and so far I have taught 2 days. I started off on Friday teaching a reception class which is our version of Kindergarten. It went pretty well. I mostly got to play all day, sound out some letters for them to learn... and may favourite part was counting to 10 in our 'lion voices' haha :) I also got incredibly lost on Friday which was the worst! I left the house at 7:05 and started my adventure only to arrive at the school at 8:55. Thats almost 2 hours!!! Not good. Almost late and ridiculously lost. I was wandering around the streets ANNNND to top it all off my google maps on the andrios phone is SHIT! literally shit! I cannot tell you how much I am regretting selling my iphone! I NEVER had issues with the iphone gps. never. I 100% stand by my iphone now that I have experienced this andriod phone not being able to find a signal or giving my shit directions! AHHH!

ANYWAYSSSS So I went out today to teach in a Year 6 class. And shock I got lost again! This time not as badly. BUT my stupid gps sent me on a wild goose chase yet again and took me to the wrong stop and it was one gigantic mess! SO moral of the story is I want to stomp on this stupid phone!

But in school it went alright. I was very nervous to have a year 6 class because I figured they would eat me alive and be terribly rude... but they were not at all rude if anything they are just extremely active and talkative... but hey what 11 year old isn't? And in the end it all worked out and a student made me this...

Well here's hoping I can actually make it to a school without getting lost. *fingers crossed*


24 September 2011

my 'room'

So it has now been two weeks that I have been living here in London... The one thing I miss most is actually coming home to my own little space. I mean in my room back at home I had everything... literally. This room here is soooo empty! I feel like it needs more character and more of me in it to make it feel 'homey'

little double bed :)

my dresser completely full since i have no where else to keep things... and my one line of pictures hung from my closet

I miss my pictures that are sitting on my walls at home. I have two huge plain white walls...

Theses walls definitely need a Brandon Lemire original print on them :)  I figure I will eventually think of some way to fill them maybe with pictures from home and things like that... I was thinking of making some kind of wall mural sort of like this...

But maybe I can make it with wire since I'm sure its hard to find bed springs laying around... so friends feel free to send me some Canadian love or this I can use for my creation :) be it pictures of us together or things we did together or even just cool pictures from home that I can put up...

email me if you need my address...

Anyways I miss everyone back home dearly and more updates regularly :)


20 September 2011

suprise... internet still going strong.

well the internet is kickin i suspect for maybe a couple hours and then i could be without for up to two weeks...

I'm not sure if that will actually happen considering I will probably break down and head over to a local place and steal some wifi. I will have internet on my phone but it's not the same thing considering I can't skype... so only facebook and emails.

I did however book some work for this week! YAY! I still have to get up every day at 630am, get dressed, and call in for my placement and then if they have a spot for me they will send me out to teach.

But starting next week I will actually be guarenteed my 4 out of 5 work days which means I can actually be making some money and looking for something full-time or more permanent then what I have now.

Today my agency did call me and book a job for Friday of this week which is fun! I will be in a Key Stage 1 class which in Canada terms means Grade 1 or 2 for the day. I like that they try to book you ahead of time so that way you can figure out where your going before hand.

I'm starting to get use to the underground tube system here...
this is my tube stop :)
They are very easy to use and I like how detailed everything is in the underground so it tells you exactly where to go with descriptive maps on all the walls. Very very helpful. When I first looked at the maps I almost died...

It looks confusing but it's actually mapped out really well... my stop is the purple dot on the green line (the District line) So it crosses over with the main line which is the dark blue line which runs bottom left to top right (the Picadilly line) so it's easy to get from one place to another.

I also have been walking sooooooo much. Every where I go I walk which is great for me since I definitely don't want to pack back on those pounds I lost just before coming over here. I think I'll be okay as long as I keep on running and then walking everywhere around the neighbourhood. My next goal is to buy some batteries for the scale I found the other day hiding under the sink in the bathroom so I can keep better track of my weight. I just need to make sure I don't adapt the London lifestyle of drinking beers every night after work.

On that same note London pubs all close at 11 or 12pm which is weird since in Windsor I usually don't go out until 11pm so here Londoners start early. They do have after hours clubs as well which stay open till 2am for those people who aren't ready to be in bed by midnight :) But it is a very weird concept that last call is at 1130pm... Maybe that's a good thing for me since I am over here to work as much as I can and be a responsible adult... (yes I know friends it is hard to believe but London Cara is not an animal... at least not anymore starting this week.) My week of being a vacationer tourist is over.


19 September 2011

internet fiasco

Hello family and friend or random people who may be reading this blog that I don't know....

Sooooo I would love to give you a great big update daily  BUT my internet is the worst. Basically I am using a wireless signal that I can only get every once in a while since we do not have internet at our place. So every so often I pick up a strong enough signal to actually post or check things.

So I am going to give you a life update but without any fancy pictures because I never know when this thing will cut out on me.

Here we go....

England is great so far. I love the city and I am meeting some very interesting people most of which seem to be very nice. I have been mistaken as an American on the daily which I make sure to correct them right away. At times it is a little bit hard ot underdstand the accents here especially when they talk fast or they have a tendency to slide their words together... for example I say buck-ing-ham pa-lace.... where as these Brits say it all together without pronoucing each syllable. So I find myself saying pardon me a lot so they can repeat themselves :)

My flat is in a great neighbourhood right beside many pubs and restaurants and the nearest station is .5km away which is nothing at all.

I have been spending my time sight seeing and shopping for things I need. I desperately wish I would have paid extra money to bring another suitcase since I have no sweat pants, no coat, no rain shoes, and wish I brought more of my clothes with me.

My room is very large and feels strangely empty and not very much like my home for the next year. I need to decorate since the walls are just white and plain.

I have done the touristy thing now so I know my way around London which I hope will help me in finding the schools I am placed at.

I may be on hiatus for the next couple weeks as my full internet doesn't come in till they said about 2 to 3 weeks.... But Ill keep you posted as I do have net on my phone.


14 September 2011


Today I was sitting around by myself since my mates were doing their own thing today. It was around 530 and I wasn't hungry so I figured I would go for a walk which I have been doing a lot lately. So I went out in my block and decided to walk toward Fulham which is the direction I have yet to explore... anyways I am walking and just 5 minutes from my house is this amazing cemetery. It's very old and all overgrown with gross but they have made it so people can walk through it with bike paths... it is almost like taking the ganacho trail back home and putting a cemetery all around it. So weird. but yet I was amazed by all the grave stones and just the overall look of the place. Literally a photographers dream. Good thing I always bring my trusty little optio with me :) Enjoy.

Click here to see all the pics I took from that day.



13 September 2011

the much awaited....

So I know everyone has been really anxious to see the 'stairs of death' so I took a couple pics today on my way inside after my shopping adventure in the neighbourhood.

The bitch is that curve because its so thin where it wraps to the railing. you literally have to turn your body sideways.

Stairs 1, Laura 0

Can't wait till these get all nice and icy....

The weather here is crazy. It looks so beautiful outside and then it will pour for like twenty minutes then be back to a perfect day. I definitely need better shoes since my toms have been making me slip all over the place... and not so good for my 'stairs of death'

I leave you with some pics from our first night out on the town. Laura's friends from teachers college Alana has been staying on our couch this week so we went out the first night for some food and drinks at the local Irish pub which happens to be one black from my house... fancy that... close enough to stumble home...

first meal - Guinness battered fish and chips with mashed peas... peas were strangely good mashed...

Our first pints of beer!
The first Brit I met... Alana's friend Matt

11 September 2011

#51 - Complete

Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

Anyone who reads this knows I spent the past week before moving to England at my cottage. While there I decided to cross a couple things off my list... one being the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the other being this puzzle. A big shout of to my family who helped me slave away at this sucker for a couple days. But yes I did in turn complete it and can now say I am a 'self proclaimed puzzle master'
And wayyyyy more British adventure updates soon.....

I know you're all very excited for the 'stairs of death' to showcase themselves.

Also it is currently 4am London time aka 11pm Windsor time and I'm still wide awake and cant sleep. Damn you time changeover.

I will leave you with my token British picture that every tourist must take :)



10 September 2011

I made it!


Well I arrived safely. And the flight wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. They served us two meals on the flight which was weird... considering they served us dinner (pasta) at 1am.... yes dinner at 1am. So I couldnt really eat much of it cause it just felt too heavy for that late of a time. I also popped two gravols and knocked myself out for most of the plane ride. The best part of the ride was the fact that no one was sitting next to me so I wasn't squished or anything and I got to take up some of the other seat to sleep on.

then Laura picked me up at the airport and we took the tube all the way down to our little flat. The flat is great (looks just like the pictures below) The only thing that sucks are the "stairs of death" (pictures to come) they are called this based on the fact that they are crazy steep to get down in order to get to our place. I'm sure when it rains or any type of slippery surface will make them a lot of fun... Definitely will be the death of me for sure. But anyways just a quick update... more to come later on when I'm actually settled in :)


06 September 2011

#47 - Complete

I have been spending the past nine days before I fly out at my cottage just relaxing and not doing much of anything actually.

I did however find some time to complete a couple of items on my 101 list! YAY!

#47 Watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies

I watch one a day for the past three days and MANNNNN these things are sooooo long. The story behind these movies is that I have never actually seen any of them fully, I have only seen a few parts of the second one. But I pretty much knew everything about them from all the hype that was behind them. Plus I am very much so on team Harry Potter so its kind of like a star wars vs star trek type thing of why I've never seen them. But my overall verdict is they are great movies. My favourite being the first one. The third one was also great but the ending was way too long. Great films though. I'm glad I actually had time to enjoy them.