30 October 2011

c'est l'halloween... hey!

So today concludes my half term break week off. Which I am filled with mixed feelings about. I love having a week off but I don't really have too much to fill my time with so it's kinda good ot be going back ot work. The bad side is I have to go back to running all over London everyday to some place new and teaching which means I will most likely be getting lost a lot more. Which I hate. But also hopefully this next month will fly by so I can go home. November is going to be a hard month I feel since I'm missing my cousin Randi's wedding and also it's my brithday and to be honest I've never felt more alone than I do now living here. So bring on working as much as possible ot take my mind off everything and anything. When I say I feel alone it's with mixed feelings also. For one I do like having no one ot depend on because that means I learn to do things on my own and fix my own problems without having my parents to fall back on when something goes wrong... it's probably about time I learned to deal with life since I am going ot be 27 and rely on my parents for almost everything. But also the negative is that I miss having my friends to call up and go over to their houses to talk or hang out. I miss seeing my family face ot face and not just through a computer screen. I just miss being able to drive 5 minutes to go to my bestfriends houses just to hang out. Okay enough with this poor me venting post now on to something more entertaining than me whining...

Yes well tomorrow is Halloween but since us adults have ot work I celebrated last night. First off let me say that Halloween in England is not even close ot being as big or as good as in Canada. I would say maybe 1 in every 6 people out were dressed up. WHAT A HORRIBLE RATIO! I actually couldn't beleive it. Every year when I go out in Windsor literally everyone dresses up and if you don't you definitely look stupid since your the only person who didn't dress up. But here in London not the case. Pretty much the exact opposite actually. So the adventure began by me and the Lauras deciding we were going to go out and celebrate with costumes (or fancy dress as they call it here) so we got up early and went to the fancy dress shop the day of at about noon. Now those of you from Windsor know that if you attempt to get a costume on the Saturday of Halloween weekend you pretty much will be wearing devil horns or cat ears since everything else has already been picked over weeks in advance. Not the case here. So we went out to the store and each got costumes. So we began the evening at a pub in our area of town and once again we were the only people in the pub dressed up except for the staff. Lame? Yes.

Then we decided we would go to a club since Laura Kay knew some friends at another bar. So we took the subway there and once again no costumes except....

for one man in a banana suit. Amazing.... yes. :)

So we ended up at Abacus club for a South American party which meant I felt like I was literally in the movie Dirty Dancing Havana nights. But we had such a good time dancing and it turned out to be a great night... plus there were TONS of people wearing Halloween costumes which was great!


28 October 2011


So this was me today. Since the washer/dryer here is so terrible all of my clothes as one big wrinkled mess. So I had to pull out the iron and ironing board to get rid of them. Well lets just say this didn't work out so well.... I have learned that I can't iron worth crap. I literally sat there for an hour trying to de-wrinkle my work shirts and they still look like shit. So now for the next year I will have wrinkly work shirts...


26 October 2011

useless update

One of my new favourite things that has come out of me being over here in England is this...
Magners Pear Cider... amazing. I did love a glass of strongbow in Canada but I am happy to say that this pear cider is way better. And it doesn't have that tart taste that I get after drinking too many Strongbows. With Strongbow I can only drink like 2 pints maximum but seriously I could drink this Magners all night... and I do. I have tried other brands of the cider but none are as good as Magners so I will be on the lookout for it in Canada when I'm home for the holidays.

This is probably going to be my ramble post so I'll just keep going with these things...

Here in England the washers/dryer is horrible! It literally takes 4 to 6 hours to do one load. And the loads are half the size that we can do in Canada. plus the dryer and washer are the same machine. And I wouldn't even call it a dryer because it does a horrible job and my clothes are sooooo wrinkled everytime I use it.

And since this is just a random blog I watched Take Me Home Tonight which I can add to my movies I have never seen before alphabet list for my 101.


25 October 2011

vacation week day 2

Well today was less eventful than yesterday.. well more like a little disappointing. I really wanted to see the Science Museum so myself and the Lauras decided to go today. But it wasn't very good. I have been to the Science Center in Toronto and that one is great! This one... not so much. But it was a good day to hang out with the girls I just wish the museum offered us more.

And as for tonight I plan on laying around in my pajamas and streaming movies all night. I have been sick for over a week now and need some good r&r to kick this... plus this weekend is Halloween so I'm tyring to get myself good and healthy before then so I can celebrate with some Brits. Halloween isn't as big here as it is in Canada but I have seen a few signs that say 'Fancy dress party' which for all us Canadians means costume party...
So tomorrow I will be taking a stroll to the 'Fancy dress' store to see what kinds of costumes we can find for the weekends festivities.


24 October 2011

vacation week day 1

Today was day one of my week off so I decided to spend it doing some more adventuring around London. Today I took in The Andy Warhol exhibition for his pop art of Bridget Bardot.

It was actually a really neat thing to see one of these pieces in real life. You can actually see the brush strokes over top of all the screen printing. I can't get over how neat it is to see something like that in person. But ya very cool.

And then Alana and I hit up this sushi restaurant called Yo Sushi! It's actually a really cool place where they sit you down and the sushi comes around on a conveyor belt and you pick the kinds you want off the belt to eat. So all in all not bad for sushi but kinda pricey... it seems like it's more of a trap since it's a neat commodity with the conveyor thing and all so they can jack up the prices... But I had fun with it! Check it out...

Also check off another new restaurant for number 86 of my 101 list.

So all in all Day 1 was pretty good! More adventures to come this week. Hopefully I can find some more fun things to do here in London for cheap :)


23 October 2011

101 update.

49. Watch 26 movies I have never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (3/26)

Since I recently got my internet up and running and I also have been laying around sick in bed... I have watched a few movies that I had not seen yet...

J -- Jane Eyre
Liked this movie a lot. I haven't seen the older versions but I did really like this. Not sure if I actually want to read the book though... but good enough to watch once at least.

W- What's Your Number?
Really really funny movie. Anna Faris is great. I really like her in everything I've seen... minus the Scary Movie stuff she did... those got old fast. But anyways movie was cute and very typical for your rom-com type thing. As always I do love these types of movies.

C- Chalet Girl
Terrible movie. I saw it came out here in England and since I do love these teeny-boper movies I decided to make Laura watch it with me too. Plus Ed Westwick was in it. But man it is horrible but at least Chuck Bass made it easy to watch. Good thing Ed Westwick has Gossip Girl still going for him since British movies are not so good...



sunday morning breaky

Today I had my first experience of eating a traditional English breakfast. Which was an adventure in itself. We went to a small diner across the road from our flat after a long night of drinking for some much needed breakfast. So I was super pumped to try beans & toast which is the talk of the town here for English breakfast meals. Which I thought would be a little sketchy considering I only have ever eaten beans with hot dogs or at bbqs where they are sweetened with maple syrup and brown sugar...

So anyways I discovered how random the traditional breakfast actually is... So here is what my breakfast looked like.

basically it had an egg which was kinda dippy, some real bacon, sausages, fried tomatoes and mushrooms, beans, and toast. Which I must say is such a random assortment but soooo good! I was pleasantly surprised by the beans and toast combo which was pretty good. And I really liked the friend tomatoes/ mushrooms. I do however miss hashbrowns or homefries as part of the meal. Which I found out later you can add hasbrowns on the side. But very good...

AND this also adds to my 101 list...

#86 - Go to 20 New Restaurants that I Have Never Been To Before (4/20)
- Pops for breakfast with the Lauras.
Had the traditional English breakfast.


22 October 2011

r & r

I finally made it through this week. Thank goodness!

The week started off horribly when I woke up feeling nauseous and didn't end up working that day. So I vowed that I would sleep all day and work the following day as I'm trying to bring in as much cash flow as possible so I'm not struggling over here as I have been for the first month. Anyways so Tuesday woke up feeling like death and went to work. Then got a call to supply for the next day as well. So in the end I worked all week and was so so so so sick with a head cold and sore throat but I kept going in to work and then coming home and crashing real hard at 8pm every night. But now I am happy to report that it is Saturday and I am laying in bed writing this while trying to actually get rid of this sickness. ANNNND the best best part is I have a full week to recover as it is half term break. Which means I have a week off! Woo-hoo. So this week I will be catching up on some much needed sleep, catching up on some long over due skype dates, and exploring some more of London! In other words hopefully some new pics to come :) and many more updates...

o and if I didn't mention it before.... only....

55 days till I'm back home for the holidays! :)


19 October 2011

101 update.

So I noticed it had been a while since I updated this portion of my blog so to get myself back on track I am going to do one big post with all the things I have completed for my 101 things to do in 1001 days:

2. Lose 50 pounds (3.4/50)
I am down -3.4 pounds since my first weigh in a week ago. Which is pretty good considering I have moved to a new country and have been trying to adjust myself and lifestyle accordingly. Anyways off to a good start. I think this is due to all the walking I have been doing everywhere since I no longer have a car and since my agency sends me all over London for my placements so I'm constantly walking or in my usual state getting lost and having to backtrack all the time.

29. Read 30 Books (2/30)
 Before I left for England I bought myself a Kobo e-reader this way I didn't have to pack any books and I could just bring my little reader with everything stored on it. I also downloaded a whole heap of books that I found for free on the net. So as of right now I am reading the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series (which are the books that the show True Blood is based off of). They are actually really good. I have just finished reading number 5 and 6 of the series and surprisingly they are very different from the tv show which I like about them. So I'm left surprised and don't know whats coming in each book. I highly recommend these books to everyone they are really good!!!!

41. Watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace

I went to Buckingham Palace my first week while in London. We had a touristy day where we also visited Hyde Park as well. Anyways the change happens at 11am every day which is madness. Literally. I felt like every single tourist in Ebgland was standing outside the palace at that same moment. Which was wayyyyy too much for me to handle. Way to many people and I couldn't really even see anything through the crowds and in my opinion not worth it to fight through the people to watch it. But o well it's done now and I can add it to my completed tasks!

50. Send out 30 postcards (10/30)
I sent out my first batch of postcards a couple weeks ago and they seem to be arriving this week to everyone. If you didn't get one it's either because of one or two reasons...
reason one - I talk to you a lot already via skype.
reason two - When I facebook messaged everyone to ask for addresses you probably didn't respond with yours...
So I hope all 10 of my postcards arrived.... I know a few of them have as I received word from some people that they got them.

86. Go to 20 new restaurants that I have never been to before (3/20)
- Went to O'Neills an Irish pub near our flat the first night we arrived and had some glorious fish and chips with mashed peas.
- Went to Strada an Italian restaurant around the corner from me for lunch one day with Alana and had a grilled chicken breast with roasted mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. Very good.
- Went to La Pappardella a couple of times now with Laura. It's a cute Italian pizza place. Amazing pizza! I have had their veggie pizza and the hawaiian pizza now. The only thing negative I have to say is I wish they had more toppings on the pizza but everything else about it is amazingly good.

More posts soon....

Still waiting on my internet connection to be officially working... yes its been over a month and still nothing... It's getting extremely annoying... but they told us either Friday or at the latest Wednesday of next week... It will probably be Wednesday knowing how our luck has been going with this stupid thing.


09 October 2011

turkey day

YAY!!!! So today I cooked a lovely turkey meal for myself, Laura, and Alana. It was a great meal and I was very proud of myself for being able to cook it. I only ordered a small turkey breast which over here was called turkey breast joint. The joint part through me off a bit thought cause I have no clue what a joint is... but upon exploring its a cut of meat term... hmmm who knew... but anyways all in all a great meal. We made turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, buns, gravy, tomato/mozzarella salad, cranberries, and cherry pie!!!! mmm mmm!


Thanksgiving dinner!
So I hope everyone else had a great holiday with great friends and family! O how I miss Canadian holidays!


08 October 2011

yay for friends!

Well I had some lovin from back home last night and I was so so so so happy for it! Kevin and Nicole started their 2 month Honeymoon backpacking through Europe and their second stop was in London so naturally we made it a point to drink a couple pints... or in my case a pear cider beer :)

We met at Westminster and went to the Sherlock Holmes pub which was pretty cool. It wasn't as Holmes-y as I would have liked. I was hoping for more of the theme showing though but not so much. If only I had my pipe and trench coat... Anways it was great seeing and talking to familiar faces from back home. Makes me miss my friends so so much here.

sherlock holmes pub

Anyways HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am soooo jealous of everyone back home celebrating... I would have definitely been in Brigden at the fair with the Mayheads like we do every year. But instead I am cooking a mini feast for me, Laura and Alana to celebrate in our own way here since they don't have Thanksgiving. I also took a trip to Poundland (the British version of our Dollar Store) and got some very festive window decorations which Im pretty excited about!


04 October 2011

most useless coin

I decided that after learning all about this London money I would tell you about the worst part...

Firstly let me give all you Canadians an update on the coins London uses so you have some background knowledge...

London uses 8 different coins which yes seem to stack up and make my wallet very heavy. They have one pound and two pounds which are similar to our loonie and toonie. And also a 1 pence, 5 pence and 10 pence which is similar to our penny, nickle and dime.

Now heres where it gets weird they have a 20 pence coin which is relatable to our quarter so I can handle that and I can also handle the 50 pence coin or half pound.

Which brings us to the point of the blog and also THE MOST USELESS COIN EVER....

First off they are this huge copper coin wayyyy bigger than penny and why do you need them? You already have 1 pence... why the need to have a 2 pence coi n? Theses useless coins fill up my purse on the regular and everytime I go to empty out all my change I always find soooo many of these guys.

Okay so this post was a bit of a rant but has been over three weeks in the making.


02 October 2011

best thing about london...

So far I have been enjoying the nightlife London has to offer. The pubs and bars have all been pretty good so far minus the fact that they close down about 12pm. This changes my usual game plan that I had back home where I would go out at around 11pm and then be home by 3am. Now we go out around 8pm. So it is a little bit weird to start the night out so early... but hey its a Brit thing I guess. don't worry I'm adjusting just fine to this ;)

cosmos... London Cara is very classy...

Now on to the point of this post... the first night we went out we met some locals and had a few drinks and paid for practically nothing. Which phased me a little bit considering this doesn't happen too often in Windsor. Guys in Windsor may buy you a drink or a shot but they don't pay for the whole night and for all the girls your with.

BUT here in London this seems to be the constant theme.

On to our second night out we meet some guys from Liverpool and same thing... I didn't touch my wallet all night. They covered all our drinks and shots.

Once again I was taken back by this notion since as most of you from back home know how we use to ball out of control at Cheneys and Loose Goose.

Which brings me to last night... Had a great night out for Alana's flatmate Suz' birthday and met some really great people and once again only paid for a couple drinks.

In conclusion I love London culture :)

And you will all be very proud to know that I am keeping my vodka bomb tradition alive and introducing it to my new English friend... They drink lots of Jager shots and bombs here which I have been trying to take like a champ but it hurts everytime....

vodka bombs!