27 November 2011


So this post is pretty much going to be about my brother so I figured I would title it as such. So a little shout out to you mon frere...

For my birthday as I mentioned in previous posts Brandon sent me some prints of his art so I could decorate my bare walls with. And here is the long awaited pic of now what my wall looks like...
Thanks so much Brandon I love them all and they make me think of home all the time :)

And also Brandon is the first person to officially book his flight to come visit me in the new year!!!! Yay so I'm very excited. He will be here for a week and the only downside is that I do have to work most of the days he is here but at least we can have the nights to hang out and there is soooooo much to explore here in London that he for sure will not get bored!


26 November 2011


London update.

Well firstly I have been teaching a lot doing my supply thing and jumping around to schools but now it has started to become better because some of my schools have been requesting me back when they call in so I have been going back to the same schools a lot. Which is great because I make an extra 5 pounds a day for being requested, I don't have to worry about getting lost since I know how to get to the schools, and the staff and kids are getting to know me which makes it more comfortable to teach. So it makes living over here a little bit easier every day.

We are also in the home stretch since I will be home in 17 days!
So I have a couple weeks left of teaching and then I'll be home and ready to visit with my family and party hard with my friends. Super pumped! I can't wait to see everyone.

I have some pretty good things currently in the works but I'm not going to be releasing anything on the blog until later this week so keep checking back.

Now on to a London topic of interest.


Everyone who rides a bike here seems to be training for the Tour De France. They all wear the full tights and helmet getup and drive sooooo fast. It's weird and since people don't have the right of way I am constantly looking out for them since they come out of nowhere speeding so fast all over. I would probably say that I am more afraid of being hit by a bike then a car over here. Since cyclists seem to have their own set of rules. It is also rare to see a person who is riding at a leisurely pace... it's only a racing pace. So note to anyone coming over beware of the bikes.


25 November 2011

101 update.

28. Visit 10 museums (2/10)
The other day I had some time to kill on an off day and  decided to stop in to the Victoria & Albert Museum as I was passing by. They had a pretty cool display up from artists who made things like a dress entirely out of needles, or there was a giant gorilla made out of wire hangers which was my favourite...


20 November 2011

you know you're a teacher...

I thought this was cute so I thought I'd post it...


# You get a secret thrill out of laminating things.
# You can hear 25 voices behind you and know exactly which one belongs to the child out of line.
# You walk into a store and hear the words, “It’s Ms./Mr. ____________ and know you have been spotted
# You have 25 people who accidentally call you Mom/Dad at one time or another.
# You can eat a multi-course meal in under 25 minutes.
# You’ve trained yourself to go to the bathroom at two distinct times of the day, lunch and planning period.
# You start saving other people’s trash, because most likely, you can use that toilet paper tube or plastic butter tub for something in the classroom.
# You believe the Teacher’s Lounge should be equipped with a margarita machine.
# You want to slap the next person who says, “Must be nice to work 7 to 3 and have summers off”.
# You believe chocolate is a food group.
# You can tell if it’s a full moon without ever looking outside.
# You believe that unspeakable evils will befall you if anyone says, “Boy, the kids are sure mellow today.”
# You feel the urge to talk to strange children and correct their behavior when you are out in public.
# You think caffeine should be available in intravenous form.
# You spend more money on school stuff than you do on your own children.
# You can’t pass the school supply aisle without getting at least 5 items!
# You ask your friends to use their words and explain if the left hand turn he made was a “good choice” or “bad choice.”
# You find true beauty in a can full of perfectly sharpened pencils.
# You are secretly addicted to hand sanitizer. 
# You understand, instantaneously, why a child behaves in a certain way after meeting his/her parents


winter wonderland!

This weekend marked the opening of London's Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.
It's basically like a huge winter carnival with food, drinks, rides, and little vendors. Plus it has an outdoor ice rink too. So it is actually really cool. We decided to go on Saturday night and check it out.
LK and I with our fresh German fries... pretty much same as regular fries

candy shop
So we got to taste some of the food and drink some hot chocolate. We also ventured on a ride too which was fun.
Anyways so I really enjoyed going to it because it's something big and outdoors with lots of people. It's going on until January 2nd so I'm sure I will head back down again before I leave to come home for Christmas. I really like that the whole place was lit up with Christmas lights and decorations... it just made me really excited for Christmas back home :)

Speaking of which... see you all in 23 days :)


19 November 2011


So I have been teaching for about 2 and a half months now and Ive been to 19 different schools within that time. So literally I have been ALL OVER LONDON! So I thought I would give osme feedback on my teaching experiences thus far.

Firstly the school system is different than in Canada. A Primary school consists of Nursery (age 4) all the way up to Year 6 (age 11). Then once they finish year 6 they move on to Secondary school which is Year 7 - Year 12. So high school over here is from grade 7 on... very weird...

so I teach in the Primary schools. I have now taught every age grtoup as well. Its hard ot say what I like best because it all depends on the school I am at. Some days I do love getting a Nursery or Reception placement because that means I get to supervise play most of the day. Which means Im not yelling or trying to keep everyone quiet and on task. Where as in the older years I am sometimes fighting with noise levels and kids not listening. It gets tiring after a full day of it. But I do like that the older students are more independent and can do work on their own. Where as grade one I have ot literally explain ot each students what to do and help them every second.

I do like supply work because you bascially go in for the day work with the students and then your out and moving on the next day. you dont take any work home with you which means nights and weekends free. But the downside is your always on the move to a new place everyday. You dont build relationships with students or staff.  Students have less respect for supply teachers.

So I would love to have a permanent or longterm palcement in the same school just to get some experience with daily routines and such. And then I can go to the same place every morning and not stress about travel. So I still have till December on my supply work and I am currently looking for a long-term for January so we shall see how that goes.


16 November 2011


Well the birthday weekend has come and gone. I had a couple great celebrations with Alana, LK, and Laura... so thank you girlies for taking me out.

On Saturday we decided to hit up Shoreditch which is on the east end of town. It's a great little area full of some really cool clubs and pubs. We first stopped in for some dinner and drinks at Alana's friend Simon's restaurant called the Drunken Monkey. The food there was amazing! Its a cute little Dim sum spot basically some Asian food and appetizers. Alana and I split some lettuce wraps, beef satay, prawn dumplings, and chili pepper friend squid which was to die for! The squid was sooo good probably hands down the best calamari type thing I have ever had!!!! So loaded up on some eats and pints there. And then we headed out to find a place to drink. We ended up going to a little pub to start and finishing the night off at a pretty big club before coming home. All in all I really loved the area BUT I found the people there reminded me of downtown Windsor at the end of the night with all the drunk Americans being aggressive and making a scene. So ya I didn't like that aspect of it all. But I guess that's what happens when you put a ton of drunk people in one area wandering around the streets. Either way I had a nice time and got to explore a new area of London.

Now for some...

27. Do 101 Sudoku puzzles (3/100)
Inside my birthday package from Brandon I received a mini Sodoku book with over 100 puzzles so I have decided to designate this book for my project. I have only done three so far but I hope to bang out a lot more soon. Not gonna lie I'm pretty good at those puzzles....

49. Watch 26 movies I have never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (12/26)
So far I have done pretty well considering all i do here is watch tv and movies on my computer. So far I have 12 under my belt just from randomly searching over letmewatchthis so almost half way there but I seem to have taken up all the easy letters... Anyways you can see the movies I have watched so far under the tracking tab at the top of the page.

86. Go to 20 new restaurants that I have never been to (7/20)

The Drunken Monkey - for my birthday as stated above you can read about the food we had at this restaurant and it was AMAZING!!!!

Trafalgar - Alana and I went out one Sunday for a day of exploring Kings Street in Chelsea and we found this really cool little pub on the street and decided to go in for Sunday Roast. Which I have come to realize is a tradition here in London that all the pubs serve some sort of big roast. And it was great. I had a massive half chicken, tons of veggies and potatoes, and a yorkshire pudding all topped off with gravy. It was really really good! I had a picture of me with the feast but for some reason it didn't work to get off my camera.... boo.

11 November 2011

another year older.

Yesterday was my 27th Birthday :)

So I woke up feeling pretty good and I got called to work at one of my favourite private schools here in London. It's called the London International School and basically is has students from all different countries all over the world in one school. So I love going to this school because there are sooo many different kids and they are all really nice. Plus ts cool to teach a room full of 24 kids from over 12 different countries. Anyways so I had a year 3 class and they were super nice and we had a great day. Plus I was actually requested by the head to come back and supply since the first time I was there they liked me so much. Which is awesome because when you get requested back you make 5 extra pounds a day so its cool. Now I just need to hope they call me more often so I can try to weasel my way in to a job there.

So all in all great teaching day and then I came home to this....

My flatmate Laura put up some decorations and made me some brownies and a cake, and LK our newest Canadian friend brought over the balloons and a bottle of champagne for the celebrations!
Laura, LK, and I

We drank the champagne and then ended up going out to a pub around the corner for drinks and it was a really good night! So all in all a very good first away from home birthday :) And Saturday night we are going out to a nice little club for drinks and such to celebrate again :) So yay for double celebrations! So thank you LK and Laura for a great birthday night!

ANNNNND to top it off I got lots of birthday cards in the mail so thank you to everyone who sent one. I really felt very loved from back home :)

And on a side note I got a visitor from back home dropped off at my door this morning with a note attached saying...

I'm just visiting to say howdy! Happy Birthday!
Please bring me back home at Christmas!
Love Mom and Dad
please excuse my morning hair as this is after a long night of birthday drinking!
So my latest visitor Donkey arrived! Yay I laughed so hard when I opened up the little package with him in it. For those of you who don't know Donkey I will give you a short run down. Donkey was won for my mom by my brother David at the Brigden fair one year because she said she really likes him in the movies. So he won it and now Donkey lives at the condo in Toronto. If you have ever stayed there then you have probably met him. He usually is sitting right in the front hallway when you walk in to greet you. But we also have been playing tricks on each other with Donkey. for instance one time when we were up at the condo my parents hid Donkey in the bottom of the bed so when we went to sleep he would be there to startle us. Or one time Brandon hid Donkey is the dryer so when you opened it up he popped out at you. He has also been hidden in the microwave and cupboards and such.... so ya you get the gist of it. But now Donkey is taking a little vacation to London England! So I am very happy to have him and I'm sure we will do some sightseeing while were here :)


08 November 2011

You've Got Mail!

Remember that movie with Meg Ryan... Tom Hanks... ya well it's literally on here in London on a weekly basis. So I literally have watched it at least four times now. An
anyways besides the point of this message...

The point is today I received some amazing and extremely unexpected birthday cards in the mail from my friends back home. I got home from school today to find a mini pile of mail all for me :)

It was a great little surprise that made my day complete :)
A big thank you to James, Lindsay, Sarah, and Christina for my great birthday cards :)

And a super big thank you to my great brother Brandon who sent me a little care package filled with candy, and some of his art prints for my walls!!!!

Now the only downside was they almost got lost in the mail because the mail lady said she was confused by the address everyone wrote... this is probably my fault as I told people to address it to BF instead of putting the whole name BASEMENT FLAT in the address.... so lesson learned to anyone whom I gave my address to please correct it to say....

Cara Telfer
Basement Flat
154 Finborough Road
SW10 9AH
United Kingdom

But anyways thanks so so so so much for my cards I really do appreciate it so much considering how much I could use some lovin from back home lately.

And I will post some pics asap of my new art filled room :)


07 November 2011

instructional guide

It has been brought to my attention that some people don't know how to leave comments on my blog and they want too..... so I just thought I would make a quick post instructing everyone on how to do so.

okay... so at the bottom of each post there is a link that says 'comments'
- click on it and it will take you to the place where you can post a comment
- write your comment in the box and be sure to post your name so I know who its from
- next click on the drop menu for 'comment as:' and click on anonymous
- then click post comment
- it will ask you to type in the word verification then hit post comment.

And voila! Your comment will be posted :)
So hopefully that helps all you guys out there struggling...



05 November 2011

London Essentials!

Now that I have been living in London for almost 2 months (it will be exactly 2 months on my birthday... which is in 8 days....) I have come up with a list of the 10 things that I have found to be most essential to my living over here...

Cara's Top 10 London Essentials
(in no particular order)

1. Boots!
And by boots I mean a pair of leather ones in whatever length and style you prefer. Everyone here wears boots and since it does rain often they are a safe bet for the weather. Plus a good pair of leather boots can be worn with most outfits. I personally have been on the hunt for boots since day one of my arrival and have yet to find a pair. Firstly I am pretty picky and secondly I have a wide foot so every pair I actually like never fits.

2. Proper Shoes
This goes along with the boots but just proper walking shoes in general are a good idea since I personally walk everywhere. Right now I have been rocking my toms since I got here and they are destroyed! 
Literally they have worn down soles so I slip all over the streets when it's wet and the have holes in the heels and the side. But they are the most comfortable shoe I own minus a running shoe. But obviously I'm not wearing my running shoes unless I'm out for a jog or workout. So I'm also on the lookout for a shoe just a comfortable and stylish as toms but that can survive the city and rain.

3. Tights
In London EVERYONE wears tights with everything. Tights are literally accepted no matter what you wear with them. I have seen them worn under shorts, dresses, as pants, under skirts. You name it tights go with anything here. I love this because wearing a dress is soooo much more comfortable with a pair of tights under it. So I fully approve tights with anything and support it as shown below.

4. Umbrellas
This is a crucial item I have come to realise because the rain here seems to be so sporadic. So you never know when it is going to rain. One minute it's sunny then it rains for a good five minutes then it's back to being beautiful out. So as you see I have two umbrellas. One purple one with metallic stars  and a striped blue and green one I bought here in London. So kids never leave home without one.

5. A Dressy Scarf
 Everyone in London wears scarves. So I'm glad I brought three form home to wear. Every market in the area has tons of really cool ones so I'm hoping to add to my collection :)

6. Heavy Eyeliner on your Top lid and false Eyelashes
This is everywhere in London. Girls wear pretty heavy top liner and I see false lashes everywhere. So I have tried this trend out too when going out on the town. Obviously I don't wear as much eye makeup as they do here but I have been putting on eyeliner on my top lid lately instead of how I use to wear in on the bottom. Useless fact to everyone... but hey it is a London trend!

7. Skinny Jeans
I think this goes with the tights thing since they are similar. But this is no difference from my attire in Windsor since all the jeans I own are skinny legs anyways.

8. Oyster Card
 My very trusty little friend the Oyster card which is what gives you discounts on tube rides and stores all your tube fair on it. This little guy is always with me and I also got this cute little holder for him which also stores my tube map too so I can navigate the subway systems.

9. Big Purse
 This is a must considering all the things I carry around with me. I bought this brown one the other day since I needed a bigger one than my grey one to bring to schools everyday. It is great. It fits my umbrella, lunch, books, and water perfectly with room to spare for shoes if I ever do get boots and need to carry a separate pair of flats.

10. My London bible
This book has literally saved me a lot of stress in the mornings. It has helped me not to get as lost as I was getting in the first two weeks here. I use it to map out my routes to school and keep track of how to get to each one. By far the most important item I own here in London.

Well in other news I am home in 39 days :)
I am so excited and cannot wait. I have never missed home so much in my life. When I lived in rez and when I lived at camp I never wanted to leave. But here I find I am not really wanting to come back in January... So I just keep telling myself that I am here to just get some work experience. I think its just home sickness since its been a couple months which is what they told me would happen in my interview so I'm just pushing through it and I'm sure time will fly by... hopefully.