17 December 2011

A little update for my...

My friend Bonnie got me a little home coming present which I thought was very thoughtful considering she made it something to help me in achieving my 101 goals! AMAZING!

My first present was to help with #20 - Read A Classic Novel

Bonnie got me Jane Austin's Emma. Which is great because I have never read it so I am going to start it over the holidays and then possibly watch the movie after since I haven't seen that either :)

The second present was to help me complete #31 - Get a Top Ten Song List from 10 Different People and listen to them all.

Bonnie said she found it hard to pick just ten songs for her top playlist so she made me a mix cd of Bonnie's Top 40! So today while I was hanging out at home I put the CD in my comp and listened to all 40 songs. After listening I am very pleased with the songs and I can conclude that Bonnie loves a good power ballad.
My favourite songs from her list were:
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Breaking the Girl
Dissident - Pearl Jam
Hard Sun - Eddie Vedder
Hunger Strike - Temple of The Dog
Something - The Beatles
Uninvited - Alanis Morissette

Amazing thank you so so so so much Bonnie for helping me to complete my 101 List.

If you would like to help out or just check out my list click here ----> Cara's 101 List

I would love to get some more mix CDs from different people with their favourite songs (at least 10).


15 December 2011

my classroom

I wanted to show everyone my classroom so I took a few pics on the last day. So here is my first full time classroom as a teacher :)

this is when you first enter from the hallway. the tree is sitting in our reading corner.

this is for our carpet time where all the teaching goes on. And thats our small desk which holds nothing but a computer pretty much.

this is facing the door to go in to the hallway

tables for working

more working tables

So I'm getting pretty excited to actually experience being at the same school all the time and getting to know all the students better than just on a daily supply basis. :)


14 December 2011

home for the holidays

Well I arrived home after a long eight hour flight!

The flight was actually not too bad. I flew home with Delta to Detroit which was a pretty good company to fly with. I had a seat open in between me and another man so I could stretch out a bit and they had a pretty good movie selection to choose from so I ended up watching three movies; Another Earth, Hanna, and Crazy Stupid Love. Plus they had pretty good food too which is surprising for planes. Hopefully when I fly home with KLM I experience the same good things :)

So my Dad and Mom Sandy picked me up from the airport and I came home to a dinner party with some of my girl friends which was amazing since I missed them so much :) So all in all very good home coming and now I have a few weeks to relax and visit before I head back. So I am sure more adventures will ensue while I'm here.


09 December 2011

101 update.

15. Make A New Friend
I can officially say that  I have made a new friend and not just an acquaintance. This person is considered a friend because we hang out at least once or twice a week usually weekends. We talk on the phone via text and actual talking. Her name is Laura. Yes now I the only people I hang out with in London are both named Laura.... funny how that happened. So Laura and I met Laura (LK) while at a work social. We all work for Timeplan teaching over here. She is also from Canada and she gets along great with both me and Laura. We love her to pieces...

18. Have My Own Classroom
As all of you know I have been supply teaching for the past 3 months now and it's been crazy up and down hectic. I was constantly jumping all over London from East to South to North and hardly ever in the West where I live. BUT now I have secured a more permanent spot. Starting in January I will be teaching Grade 1 at a school in the East area of London. Its about a 45 minute tube ride from my place but I only have to travel on one line so I don't have to switch or get off and change tubes. I have been at the school now for about 6 days just covering other teachers and becoming familiar with everything and it seems to be a pretty decent school. It's not in the best area of town but it's pretty close to the tube station which is good. The school is predominantly filled with Indian children but they all seem very lovely. Since the classes are very large (over 30) in size each room has two teachers. So I will be in a room with another woman and we split all the teaching between the two of us. Which is the best part since I am a new teacher starting out it will be a good way for my to learn and have help in my first year. We also have a TA (teaching assistant) in the class too helping out. So everyday I am guaranteed to know where I'm going and I am always going to the same class which I think will make a lot of things easier. So I am very happy and excited for January.

27. Do 101 Soduko puzzles (7/101)

68. Donate 100,001 grains of rice to free rice (2030/100,001) 

I am going home for Christmas in 4 days! Can't wait to be home for a bit with my family and friends :)



03 December 2011

visits from home

So I had a good couple of days this week. I think I mentioned that my friends went on a two month honeymoon backpacking through Europe and visited us for a couple hours while they were in London to begin their journey. Well this week they actually bunked up with us for a couple nights since it was the end of their journey and they has a couple days to spend before their flight out of London.
Needless to say we had a pretty good night out. We went to Camden Market and Winter Wonderland then ended the evening out drinking at the pub. All in all pretty good night and it makes me so much more pumped to be home at Christmas to see the rest of my friends...

Also I am very happy to report that I got to eat my first CHESTNUT ROASTED ON AN OPEN FIRE!!!! Just like in the song! We decided to try them at Winter Wonderland and I can actually tell you that they taste quite like potato which is weird... But I am not really a fan so it was a one time experience but I'm glad I tried them.

yupp it was pretty cold walking around for over four hours
Anyways overall good visit from friends :)

Now bring on one more week of work, a weekend off, and a long flight before I'm back to my home :)