29 May 2012

its been a while...

I realise I have been the worlds biggest slacker with my blog.... sorry anyone who still reads this. So in honour of being MIA I will post a huge update right now :)

School.... is school. I really like teaching but it is sooooo much work. I knew it was a lot of work coming in to the profession. But I don't think I realised how much more work it actually is than I thought. For all the people who rip teachers apart saying they are over paid and get a whole summer off blah blah blah.... FUCK YOU. That's truly how I feel. I work my ass off for those 2 months off. Firstly I pretty much take my work home with me every night so I work 'off the clock'. I arrive at school at 8am and leave at 5pm... not to mention my hour tube ride to work and back. And by no means am I complaining it just pisses me off when people think that teaching is such an easy profession. Come to my class for a day then you can have an opinion.

But other than that my students are lovely and make cards and pictures for me regularly.

Plus I am probably the only person who can respond to the question of "How was your day?"
With this answer....
"Not bad... just danced like a leaf, planted some sunflower seeds and counted on a numberline."

We are currently in the process of looking for a new place to move in to in August. Which will be amazing to actually be able to afford life. Were going to move in to a bigger house with 4 bedrooms plus LK is gonna move in with us too so I'm sure we will be having lots of ragers come the summer.

I'm also planning on going back to Canada for a summer visit for a little over six weeks. Which will be awesome since I haven't been home since Christmas. And what is even crazier is that I have been living in England for almost nine months now! Time definitely flies by...

And now on to my 101 accomplishments.....
12. Go out on a 'real' date
Not to get in to too many details but I did go out with a young gentleman for a couple drinks. Nice guy but didn't work out... But still a date none the less. And a completion for me :)

43. Watch a live sporting event
Jacqui took me to see the London 7s with a bunch of Kiwis. Which was amazing! It is basically a big rugby tournament with teams from all over the world and they play 7 on 7 rugby games for 14 mins each. Its an all day event where the teams play and beat each other out but its a big weekend two day game thing. So basically what really happens is everyone dresses up in crazy costumes and drinks heavily! AMAZING! I had such a great time!

We were the rainbow warriors

80. Have a Picnic
This past Saturday since the weather has been beautiful in London myself Laura and LK decided to go to Regents Park and have a picnic. Which seems to be the cool thing to do here in London. Grab some beers and hang out in a park... I think its cause on one really has backyards and such... so park drinking it is... back to the  high school days :)
I also made a mean guacamole for the occasion. 
80 degree weather... good call London!

sammies and ciders

Laura hates bugs and nature.... and sunlight...

And that about sums it up...

06 May 2012

garden adventures update

A few weeks back I posted dome pictures of my garden that I have been working on. It was the first pictures of when I planted the seeds and such...

Garden day 1

Now here are the pictures I took yesterday of how my little seeds are doing...

the first signs of a flower possibly...

It has been amazing weather for my little garden. Lots of rain here so she has been sprouting up lots! I keep going outside to check everyday and it keeps looking better and better! We are also doing a growing theme with my class so in class we have been growing plants and flowers as well.


12 April 2012

101 updates

67. Plant a garden & 86. Go to 20 new restaurants that I have never been to

if you want to see my garden adventure click here. Plus I am proud to report that sprouts have been coming up! Yay garden!

And I have been to twenty new restaurants since I have been here:
1. O'Neills - fish and chips
2. Strada - chicken with roasted mushrooms, tomatoes, and potatoes
3. La Papperdella - vegetarian pizza
4. Pops - traditional English breakfast
5. Yo Sushi! - sushi rolls
6. Trafalgar - english sunday roast - chicken, potatoes, vegetables, yorkshire pudding, gravy.
7. Drunken Monkey - lettuce wraps, chili fried squid, prawn dumplings, beef satay
8. The Earls Court Pub - traditional English breakfast
9. The Prince Albert - Chicken club sandwich with fries
10. Walkermole - Guacamole and chicken tostadas
11. Gourmet Burger Kitchen - Bacon Avocado Burger and Chunky Fries
12. Blackbird - Spinach broccoli cheddar pie with mash and veggies.
13. The Prince of Teck - roasted red pepper, goats cheese and tomato panini
14. Spice of Life - spicy red pepper and cheese quesadila
15. Sapora - grilled panini sandwich
16. Prince of Whales - fish and chips
17. Balans - chicken club sandwich with chips
18. Cafe Du Coin - Tuna melt sandwich with side greens
19. Desperados - Chicken fajitas
20. Creme de la Crepe - Crepe with goats cheese, pesto, tomatoe and rocket.

AND I am happy to report that my favourite one was The Drunken Monkey! It was soooo soooo good and we went there for my birthday night! I loved the chili fried squid best!



social media

I cant believe how crazy and reliant we are on social media in our lives. Living so far away from my friends I rely on facebook more than you can believe to update me with what's happening at home and in all my friends lives. I find myself getting excited to see posts of pictures from birthday outings that I couldnt attend, or missed stag and doe parties. As much as it does sadden me to see the pictures and hear about the fun times I have missed out on, I still find that I can't help but hope to see posts and pictures. I am happily addicted to facebook. I have it on my cell phone and I get updates from it via email plus when home I check it every half hour or less. It's crazy but I feel like this is normal for my generation. We are constantly putting ourselves out there on the net. With me I use soooo many forms of social media that it's ridiculous....
  • Firstly Facebook to keep track of whats going on with friends via pictures and posts.
  • Twitter to update random throughts and daily happenings
  • Pinterest to keep track of things I like and interesting ideas that I can use in my life
  • My blog to update on life and my random inner monologue

My newest love is an app for my phone called Instagram. It is amazing. It is a community where you can edit and post photos that you have taken and others can see them and comment on them. I like it for the purpose of the killer edits it can do...

but anyways its such a great app!

Britventures update:
During my break week I went to see Legally Blonde the musical which was amazing and surprisingly
 sooo good. I loved it. So much energy and hillarious! I also rode bikes through Hyde park on a sunny day with my friends and visited Greenwich. I unfortunately did not take any pictures so I will have to wait till Christina is back in Canada to steal them for the blog :)


03 April 2012

break week!

Well it's that time again!!! It's my full term break! Yay! Today I think I pretty much flew out the door of the school to escape. I have 12 days off and I am super pumped to just relax! I feel like I'm constantly stressed out with school so it will be a good time to just chill out.

Plus I get some vistors for a few days from back home :) Christina and Jenny will be here Thursday morning for the weekend before their European tour. So I'm pumped to hang out with them. Then once they leave I will have the entire week to myself to do absolutely nothing except whatever I want. Amazing.

Well more posts to come during the break :)


25 March 2012

operation garden begins...

So I decided yesterday that over the break I would fix up our planters out back on our little patio and make a nice garden.

This turned in to operation make a garden today instead. So I cleaned up some leaves and then went to poundland (which is the dollar store equivelent over here) and purchased some seeds and bulbs.

Lets get one thing straight I have never gardened in my life nor do I claim to have one of these...

But I did try... So I will give some updates if my plants actually start to grow...
... my garden better be elegant...
And here are some pics of the planters I cleaned out and put some seeds in...

so happy gardening to me :) hopefully I'll get some flowers popping up in the next few weeks :)



22 March 2012

Some picture from my students...

a picture by Santino of himself.

A picture of me by Jiya
A House... by Aksajan

Another house and me by Aksajan

"Dear Cara I like your earings..." hahaha

A treasure map by Kishaly

Me and Athif on a pirate ship by Athif

Me by Jino


Thought I would post some pictures my students made for me...


17 March 2012


To anyone that still reads my blog...

I have been neglecting my blog for osmetime now... I just couldn't find any motivation to post at all. Plus to be honest my life is not the adventure I had hoped it would be living here in London. Well actually it has been a learning adventure for me mostly. Learning how to deal on my own and learning some financial lessons the hard way...

But I have decided that things are going to be good from here on out...

I have started working out again since the weather has been nicer and the daylight is actually around for longer. I feel more motivated to do things. I have started doing some walking in the graveyard again... haha (sounds weird) and hopefully I can get back in to running as well. I also started this video workout...
The 30 Day Shred!
And let me tell you it is tough. I have done it twice now and my body is crying the next day. So hopefully I can do the video, some walking, and maybe some skipping too.

School is going well it's just so busy lately. I'm in the last 2 weeks of term 4 then I have a solid 2 week break in April which I can't wait for. And then I'm in the home stretch! WOOO it will be the last 2 terms of the year till summer! Then I can get my butt out of here before all the Olympic craziness starts! AND in April I have a couple visitors :)
Christina and Jenny!
I am so excited to see both these girls!
I have to say that I have the best friends in the world. I have come to realise by being away from my friends how amazing they all are. I mean 4 of them have flew 8 hours across the ocean to see me. That to me is so awesome. I am so thankful to have them in my life and very lucky. Plus to get messages all the time from them and on my birthday to receive soo many cards from all those girls. I really do have the best friends ever.


I cant wait to go out and drink a pint of green pear cider!