25 February 2012

brother visits

Well my crazy two weeks adventures have come to an end and I am back to reality today. I took Brandon to the airport at 7am and then I literally crashed out. I took a long much needed nap to catch up on the sleep I have missed by having my visitors.

Plus I had been sick most of last week while Brandon was here with my throat infection so overall I think today and tomorrow some r&r will be all thats happening for me.

Brandon and I had a very culture filled week...

We went to the Tate modern where I got to see a real life Picasso and a Monet which was pretty cool.

We went to Highgate Cemetery which has been around since 1839. And got to see some really old grave sites. Also for all my Comm Studies friends out there I got to see Karl Marx's grave which was crazy! Sooooo weird considering how much I studied all about his theories in University...

We also went to tons of cool little pubs and restaurants....

And went to a show at the Electric Ballroom for Pulled Apart By Horses and The Computers. Which are a couple pretty good London bands.

All in all a great week with my brother and now back to the grind of everyday teaching...


20 February 2012

break week adventures

eating a traditional english breakfast


bus tour of london

shark week at the aquarium

white girl wasted nights at the pubs

boat tour on the thames

seeing a west end broadway musical
Just a few pictures from my break week adventures when my friends came to visit. We did all the major touristy things you would expect us to do when here in London. It was a great week of sightseeing, hanging out, drinking and eating.

Than my great week came to a halt when I had to go to the hospital for a throat infection on Saturday. So now my brother is in town and I feel like shit since I am so so sick. And still waiting for my antibiotics to kick in... hopefully soon...


13 February 2012

going to hogwarts

#35 Go See Platform 9 3/4 in London at Kings Cross
This week is my half term break from school which means I get a full week off and my friends Lindsay and Steph are here for a little visit. So we have been exploring London and hanging out and along the way I get to complete some of my 101 list. Yesterday we went to the famous King's Cross Station. Now for all you non-Harry Potter fans King's Cross is the station where Harry goes through the magical wall between platform 9 and 10 to catch the train to Hogwats... hence platform 9 3/4.
So they have a tribute at the station where you can actually pretend to push a trolley through the wall and cross over to the platform. So we went and did it :)

The platform is literally a little wall with the trolley stuck to it and it's hiding at the back of the station but for a Harry Potter fan like myself I was still pumped to see it!



05 February 2012

school work and snow fall.

I'm still here but I feel like I really don't have much exciting news to report.

On Monday I have my first ever teacher evaluation coming up from the head of my school. So hopefully we can pull it off and do well. It's kind of a stressful time because we are having an evaluation and waiting on a full school wide evaluation from OFSTED. Which is crazy stressful. I feel like teaching over in the UK is way more work than over in Canada. There is so much more paper work that I have to do at my school than I have ever even heard of.

In home news we actually have our heat on which is so necessary now since it is 0 degrees here in London. So I'm still cold in my room but at least I'm not freezing. I also was sick which combined with stress lead me to break out with 2 cold sores. Yes not just 1 but 2 of them. I was not a happy kid let me tell you. But now they are pretty much gone away just in time for my last week of school before break week.


So we had a snowball fight and played around in it on our way to the bar. It was really fun. :)