12 April 2012

101 updates

67. Plant a garden & 86. Go to 20 new restaurants that I have never been to

if you want to see my garden adventure click here. Plus I am proud to report that sprouts have been coming up! Yay garden!

And I have been to twenty new restaurants since I have been here:
1. O'Neills - fish and chips
2. Strada - chicken with roasted mushrooms, tomatoes, and potatoes
3. La Papperdella - vegetarian pizza
4. Pops - traditional English breakfast
5. Yo Sushi! - sushi rolls
6. Trafalgar - english sunday roast - chicken, potatoes, vegetables, yorkshire pudding, gravy.
7. Drunken Monkey - lettuce wraps, chili fried squid, prawn dumplings, beef satay
8. The Earls Court Pub - traditional English breakfast
9. The Prince Albert - Chicken club sandwich with fries
10. Walkermole - Guacamole and chicken tostadas
11. Gourmet Burger Kitchen - Bacon Avocado Burger and Chunky Fries
12. Blackbird - Spinach broccoli cheddar pie with mash and veggies.
13. The Prince of Teck - roasted red pepper, goats cheese and tomato panini
14. Spice of Life - spicy red pepper and cheese quesadila
15. Sapora - grilled panini sandwich
16. Prince of Whales - fish and chips
17. Balans - chicken club sandwich with chips
18. Cafe Du Coin - Tuna melt sandwich with side greens
19. Desperados - Chicken fajitas
20. Creme de la Crepe - Crepe with goats cheese, pesto, tomatoe and rocket.

AND I am happy to report that my favourite one was The Drunken Monkey! It was soooo soooo good and we went there for my birthday night! I loved the chili fried squid best!



social media

I cant believe how crazy and reliant we are on social media in our lives. Living so far away from my friends I rely on facebook more than you can believe to update me with what's happening at home and in all my friends lives. I find myself getting excited to see posts of pictures from birthday outings that I couldnt attend, or missed stag and doe parties. As much as it does sadden me to see the pictures and hear about the fun times I have missed out on, I still find that I can't help but hope to see posts and pictures. I am happily addicted to facebook. I have it on my cell phone and I get updates from it via email plus when home I check it every half hour or less. It's crazy but I feel like this is normal for my generation. We are constantly putting ourselves out there on the net. With me I use soooo many forms of social media that it's ridiculous....
  • Firstly Facebook to keep track of whats going on with friends via pictures and posts.
  • Twitter to update random throughts and daily happenings
  • Pinterest to keep track of things I like and interesting ideas that I can use in my life
  • My blog to update on life and my random inner monologue

My newest love is an app for my phone called Instagram. It is amazing. It is a community where you can edit and post photos that you have taken and others can see them and comment on them. I like it for the purpose of the killer edits it can do...

but anyways its such a great app!

Britventures update:
During my break week I went to see Legally Blonde the musical which was amazing and surprisingly
 sooo good. I loved it. So much energy and hillarious! I also rode bikes through Hyde park on a sunny day with my friends and visited Greenwich. I unfortunately did not take any pictures so I will have to wait till Christina is back in Canada to steal them for the blog :)


03 April 2012

break week!

Well it's that time again!!! It's my full term break! Yay! Today I think I pretty much flew out the door of the school to escape. I have 12 days off and I am super pumped to just relax! I feel like I'm constantly stressed out with school so it will be a good time to just chill out.

Plus I get some vistors for a few days from back home :) Christina and Jenny will be here Thursday morning for the weekend before their European tour. So I'm pumped to hang out with them. Then once they leave I will have the entire week to myself to do absolutely nothing except whatever I want. Amazing.

Well more posts to come during the break :)