31 January 2013

teaching teachers

On Friday before I left for home last week my head teacher came in to see me and wanted to have a little chat. He told me that I would be getting a student in my class for three weeks doing her placement and observing me teach... My initial reaction was "Are you sure?

I was thrown off by it because wasn't I that student just 2 years ago? So after telling him my worries about being new myself to teaching he basically assured me that he had no worries at all about any of that. So I am now mentoring a student teacher for the next three weeks. I can honestly say it has been making me a better teacher because I am on my game all the time and constantly aware that someone else is watching me all the time. It has made me develop some extra skills for becoming more organized with my lessons and planning because I want to be the best I can be if she is learning from me. Our first week together is coming to a close and it's been a pretty neat experience so far. I feel confident that I am a good teacher and that my head teacher is confident in me as well. Also this will make an impressive resume builder for sure if I do end up applying for jobs back home this year.



27 January 2013


Last night I had a great time out celebrating Australia day with some friends. While I was out at the bar and had a couple people come up to me and say that I looked like some girl from the tv show Winners and Losers. It was very weird because I have never even heard of the tv show and had no clue what this girl looked like or who she was. So upon coming home in my drunken state last night I scoured the internet to find this mystery twin of mine. And behold I'll let you be the judge....
 I believe that reasons we look alike are as simple as glasses and red hair. But I do see the similarities now that I made this side by side. Our faces though are very different I think...

Anyways had a great night and hopefully all you Aussies out there did too!
apologies for my drunken backwards flag holding


26 January 2013

weekly weigh-in

This morning I hit up the gym for a little workout and also had my weekly weigh-in. I am still the same weight as I was last week upon weighing-in. Haven't lost anything which is okay... it's at least better than if I gained weight. I have been working on lots of weight training so I'm sure building muscle is going to impact my weight loss somewhat.

I have worked my way up to running for 10 minutes straight at a pretty good pace on the treadmill which is exciting. I was very proud of myself today :)

And also today is my cheat day which is exciting since I haven't really had one yet. So I will be enjoying some drinks with friends and celebrating Australia day here in London with a few Aussies.

Only 3 weeks left till half term break and then I will be in Istanbul! Super excited!



25 January 2013

love list fridays

A friend of mine from University has a pretty popular blog and I saw something on hers the other day that  absolutely loved. She has this thing called "What I'm Loving Wednesdays." The basic premise is that on Wednesday she blogs about things she loves. I loved the idea so I messaged her saying that I wanted to use the idea for my blog also. I figured it would give me something else to keep blogging about and try to be on here more often. So thank you Laura @ scribbles & sass for the idea!

Love List Fridays

1. Brita Fill and Go Water Bottle
Amazing! I cannot stress how much I love this! I find that I am drinking more water now since it is usually sitting right beside me all the time. Plus the London tap water tastes so much better with these nifty little built in filters. My flatmate also has one and she loves hers too. Definitely worth the 10 pounds I spent!

2. Time Out
This is a free weekly magazine here in London. It basically tell you everything that is going on in London for the week. It gives you the latest scoop on theatre, music, movies, and places to go out to for dinner or drinks... etc. The best part is they give them out right as I get off the tube every Tuesday morning on my way to work. Such a great concept to keep people informed of whats going on in such a busy city.

3. Magnetic Force Nail Polish
This was given to me for my Birthday this year from my brother Brandon and Sarah. I had never seen it before until I opened my present and didn't really get what it did. So I tried it and it is such a cool little nail trick. You paint on the polish and then hold the magnet on the cap to it and the little metal fragments make a swirl design as they dry... very weird but looks cool. Not sure how it actually does it but what a cool idea for someone to actually come up with.

4. GOSH fresh up dry shampoo
Since I quite possible have the most oily hair on the planet I have to constantly wash it everyday. AND sometimes if I'm going out later on at night I have to wash it again before because my bangs look all greasy. horrible. I had heard of dry shampoo before but figured it wouldn't work that well on my hair. Man was I wrong. This stuff is amazing. I can use it to freshen up my hair before I go out at night without having to wash it twice in one day. It also takes away all the oil so I can go two days without washing it if I wanted to. Love it.



20 January 2013


Since I have 1 book left to go out of my 30 I was suppose to read I am going to make goal number 94 about reading as well. I think this will be a good goal and fun also.

94. Read 10 books suggested to you by 10 different people.

This also might spark my interest to read something other than teen fiction for once. I think it's about time this 28 year old branches out a bit from teen romance and vampires. haha

So to my 10 people you should be expecting an email very soon asking you to recommend me one of your favourite books :)

I will post their responses on here as well so that you can see what my new 10 books will be.


weight loss

I updated a new section to my blog for weight loss (at the top) so hopefully this motivates me to stay on track with everything. I have a list of goals and rewards to go with each one. I am almost at my first goal of losing 30 pounds! Only about 10 more to go. I have also gotten over my fear of going to the gym here alone. For some reason I got really anxious when Laura wouldn't be able to attend the gym so I would make up some lame excuse about being tired so that I wouldn't have to go and wait till a day when we could go together. Lame? I know. But since Laura is away this weekend I forced myself to go to the gym on Thursday and Saturday by myself.

So in total I would like to lose around 70 pounds. I feel that this would put me at a healthy weight to start and then I can figure out if I need to lose more or maintain from there.

Send some positive vibes my way to stick it out.



19 January 2013

new things

So I am currently on a healthy eating and workout kick. Because lets be honest it wouldn't hurt me to lose a little bit of weight...

I have been tracking my calories using an app called myfitnesspal.

It works amazingly for me because it helps keep all my food calories counted for the day to keep me under the amount that I should be eating. Plus it stores your most used foods first to make it easier/fast to input after meals. My favourite part about the app is you can scan the bar code of whatever food you are eating and it automatically finds it for you in it's food bank system. AMAZING! I can also say that I have been using this app since I came back to London so for about 2 weeks now and it works to keep me on track.

Another favourite of the week is my new water bottle from Brita. It's a fill and go bottle with a little built in filter in it. My flatmate has the pink one and I was jealous so I finally ordered my own (the green one) online and was not disappointed. It's just so convenient and makes the tap water over here taste much better. Which helps with my drinking more water.

On another note I have booked a trip to Istanbul Turkey for four days during my February half term break. I think this will be a great adventure and a chance for me to put my new camera to good use. I am very excited to see a place that is so different culturally than I have experienced here in London. London is pretty easy to adapt to coming from Canada since it isn't too much of a culture shock. But now I am ready to experience new things and see more than I have so far. I feel that this year in London will be a good one :)

It snowed here in London on Friday and my students went crazy! They were so excited. Since it snows here maybe once a year it was really fun to be outside playing in it with all of them. We were throwing snowballs and sliding around. It was such a good time.



12 January 2013

welcome back.

Dear blog I have been neglecting you... and I'm sorry.

I just felt that I wasn't in the mood to post and that I had nothing spectacular going on in my life.

Since it's a new year I thought I might give it a try again.

Quick life update since last time...

Back in London teaching for another year and I am in love with my school. I can honestly say that I don't think I will ever find a better school to teach at then the one I am at now :) Living in the east end of London and it is sooooooo much better. I just feel better vibes from this place. And to make it better it's only a 20 minute commute to my school which is a step up from my hour commute last year. I am saving money too this year and will be travelling as much as I can.

101 Updates:
1. Move in to a place of my own - complete
I'm not sure why I haven't already checked this one off since I have been living in my own place since September of 2011.

13. To complete more than 14 goals - complete
As of this post I have achieved my record of completing more goals than I had last time I made a 101 list.
17. Find a job that I can stand to do for the rest of my life - complete
Like I posted earlier on in this entry I love my school and I could see my self staying in this school for a very long time. The only draw back is I have an expiry date here...
28. Visit 10 museums/galleries - 8/10 completed
29. Read 30 books - 21/30 completed
36. Go to New York - completed
Technically this one is completed because I was in New York last week for a total of 3 hours on my layover flight. I didn't get to experience New York but I did go there. So technically this one is complete but I would still like ot actually experience New York City.
38. See 10 new countries - 1/10 complete Scotland
During the weekend of my birthday I went to Edinburgh Scotland. We went to see a concert and just explored the city for a couple days. It was a really nice weekend trip but I would love to go back and see the Scottish countryside next time and Glasgow.
44. Attend 5 concerts - 3/5 complete
Went to see Alexisonfire in London on their farewell tour. It was amazing and sad at the same time. They are my favourite band so it was great to see them play together but sad that it will be my last time.
Also while in Scotland we went to see Bon Iver. Amazing show. He is sooooo talented.
90. Be a vegetarian for a week - completed
Last year during one of my school breaks I decided to be vegetarian to try it out. It was good but I found it was hard ot prepare things because I ran out of ideas of food ot make. I do like eating meat so I don't think I would want to be a vegetarian but I did make some tasty things.

New goals: