26 February 2013

love list

At school I have noticed that everyone seems to be receiving packages a lot. So being intrigued and nosey as I am I was asking around as to what these little boxes were. Turns out they are healthy snack boxes that you can get delivered to you. How neat! So my coworker gave me a coupon to try a free box. So I went home and plugged away at graze.com for my free box.
So this is what each box looks like and it comes with 4 individual healthy snacks. They have over a 100 different snacks that you can get and the best part is you can go on the site and select things you like or don't like. So they don't send you anything you don't like! I received my first box on Monday from them delivered straight to my school and already fell in love. I eat one a day with my salad as a little snack for lunch. The best part is not knowing what you are getting until you open it! It's pretty exciting! So I am now officially a member of the graze snacking community at my school. The best part is my first box was free as well as my 5th will be free too. They only cost 3.89 per box aka less than a pound per snack.

This is what came for me this week:

So far everything I have eaten has been pretty good. I had the apple cinnamon flapjacks. amazing. And the herby bread basket which was also great!

If you're interested in joining the 'graze craze' here is a code to get you a free box:

happy snacking!


22 February 2013

Istanbul Adventures

I must admit life has been pretty good this past week. Yes I had the stomach flu but my trip to Istanbul made up for it ten folds.
For my week off I travelled for 5 days to Istanbul Turkey with two of my friends here in London. The city itself is amazing. It is very friendly and colourful, full of culture and great food. I absolutely loved it. It was my first time being away in a country where English isn't their first language. And I don't count going to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico as the same thing because you are not experiencing the country.

We stayed in Cheers Hostel right in the middle of the city in a great location. The overall vibe of this hostel was so great. The staff were incredibly friendly, the rooms were immaculate, and I couldn't have asked for a better place to stay! I highly recommend it to anyone planning to travel to Istanbul.

We explored the city got to try all the amazing food; cheeses, breads, olives, vegetables, kebabs, Turkish delight, baklava... all of it was so fresh and full of flavour. My taste buds were in heaven!

We also got to experience the culture by visiting a couple Mosques, the Basilica Cistern (sunken palace), taking a boat tour up the canal and haggling for gifts at the Grand Bazaar.

The markets were so great and had wonderful colours all around. I got to use my new camera and take some amazing shots. The sellers can sometimes get a little bit aggressive when selling things but its worth it because you end up getting some great deals on nice things. I brought back a handmade glass lamp, an evil eye protection bracelet, and a beautiful 100% cashmere scarf. Here are some shots I took from the markets

I also experienced smoking a hookah for the first time. It was apple peach flavoured and not too bad. Probably wouldn't do it very often as I don't really enjoy smoke but it was a good thing to try and why not while in Turkey?!

The rest of my pictures can be found here: (http://www.facebook.com/care.ah)

Quick 101 update:
34. Go to Europe - Completed!
38. See 10 New Countries - (2/10)

71. Buy something off Etsy.com - Completed!
I bought a beautiful necklace today off Etsy from Lilies of the Valley Design. It is all made in Canada which is cool and the one I got has a Saint Christopher pendant on it. I figured since I am starting to travel it would be a good thing to have with me.

89. Shop from a real street market for food - Completed!
Have done this in London at Borough Markets and Brick Lane Markets 


09 February 2013


Well it happened... I got the flu. I have had the chills and the achy pains but never the vomiting that comes with it. Until this week that is.

Wednesday I took my students on a trip to the V&A (Victoria and Albert) Museum. Which was hectic as is every trip. But they seemed to enjoy everything, so worthwhile in my books. On the way home on the bus I started to feel nauseous and get really sweaty so I thought I was going to get sick. But we arrived back at school just in time for my to get some fresh air. So I started to feel a little bit better. Then it was LKs birthday so we went out for dinner to celebrate and I was back home by 9pm. Then by about 1030pm everything went wrong. My stomach was in knots. I was nauseous and then it all came out. So I was up most of the night removing everything possible from my body.... not by choice. Then called in sick Thursday morning to work. I proceeded to lie in bed with a aches, fever and chills all day. Called in Friday again same routine sweating up a storm and freezing in rotation. Which brings us to today... no more aches so I decided to leave my bedroom for the first time and go walking around to get some air. All today I have been very nauseous. So back in bed I go. And tomorrow I plan on not moving so I can kick this thing and get back to work for Monday. Plus next weekend I don't want to be sick in Turkey! Anyways so I don't post any weigh-ins this week because I missed the gym a few days due to sickness. Back on track next week hopefully.

The worst part about being sick is when you're by yourself... because ya I have roommates and ya they did check in on me and make me toast but it's not the same as living at home. Welcome to being an adult I guess...



05 February 2013


Okay so I'm one of those girls who hates 'the secret' and all that garbage but I felt that it is time to focus on my weight loss goals. So I heard about these dream boards everyone is doing... fads... and my mind is thinking how lame they are...
BUT anyways I decided I needed a way to remind myself and keep my priorities in check. So I made an 'inspiration board' with my thoughts about weight loss and things that I want to achieve with it.
I worked on it all weekend only using things that I felt worked or clicked with me. I absolutely love it. I also hung it right by my mirror where I see it every day. That way I can constantly remind myself of what I am trying to achieve. I also hung a weight loss progress chart with all my measurements to see where I'm at each week and this quote too...
This quote is amazing. It literally hit home for me. I was looking for something like this and I found it the other day. I have to keep looking at these things and do just that and  think "it will be worth it."



03 February 2013

weekly weigh-in + uke fun

well this week wasn't so good. It seems that I have gained a kg according to the gym scale... which pisses me off because I never know if the gym scale is on or off because I always see people playing around with the adjusting knob. So either way I have decided to take some measurements of my body to keep track of losing inches and such. Also I may have to invest in a scale for our home here so I don't have to deal with that stupid one at the gym. Since I'm not losing anymore I am going to up my gym workouts and add an extra day on to my weekly schedule. So instead of 3 days a week I'm gonna try for 4. And that 4th day is going to a a strictly cardio day where I'll just focus on all cardio without any weights. Hopefully that will kick me back in to action. I also need to be careful with my snacking and make sure to write EVERY little thing I eat down. Because this week a couple of days I made dinner and was snacking on the food I was cooking. A big no no! That needs to stop ASAP!

This weekend I also decided to take up a new hobby... so I headed down to a store in Shoreditch called the Duke of Uke and purchased a Ukulele! It's very exciting and so far I can only do this...
Yes I know it's only the C chord right now... but I am trying to play it right handed which is new for me considering I am a lefty and I am also trying to learn the strumming technique. All very exciting :) Next time I post hopefully it will be me playing a song for you :)



01 February 2013

love list fridays

1. Hunter Wellies
In London we had tons of snow last week, not to mention rain at least a couple times in a week, and these guys have saved my feet from being soaked like last year. They are literally my best London purchase to date. Last year I can remember only owning canvas vans and I would arrive at school with wet socks and cold feet and then have to wear them like that all day. NOT THIS YEAR! The only thing is they are not good in snow because they don't keep your feet warm. So I have had to wear extra socks for those snowy cold days. Either way amazing boots and I love the colour too.

2. Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm
AMAZING! I have yet to find a better product for my lips. This is by far the best and only lip balm I will wear. I tried Burts Bees and it wouldn't keep my lips moist. I have three of them kicking around currently... one in my purse, one on my night stand and one at school on my desk. Can't live without them.

3. Whole Creations Pizza
Since I have been on my calorie counting kick I have been missing out on my most favourite food... pizza. That was until Thursday night I cam across these beauties in Budgens (the local grocery store by my school). Every other pre-made pizza I come across is over 900 calories for a pizza which would literally be almost my whole calorie intake for the day so I have been sadly doing without it. These pizzas are under 282 calories for half a pizza which is amazing! I was so happy when I found them yesterday and they taste amazing as well! I was surprised by how good it was. Or it might have been that I haven't had pizza in so long.... either way I can now enjoy pizza back in my life again!