26 March 2013

potter head.

Sorry it's been a while... life has been a little hectic!

School has been madness with reports and assessments being due. I literally spent ALL weekend (except for the 5 hour break at Harry Potter Studio Tour...)

Anyways they are all done now and on to bigger and better news...

I finally went to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour! It was amazing. Really really awesome. Being a huge Harry Potter fan I just had to go. It had tons of costumes and props from the movies and all the sets! I actually walked in to the Great Hall and stood on the Night Bus! It was incredible. I went to the Harry Potter exhibition in Toronto with my mom two years ago but it doesn't even compare to this place. This place had all the sets which was the best part.

Such a great time and my next adventure will be this Sunday when I head to Dublin for three days and then Amsterdam for five.



09 March 2013

weekly weigh-in

Well it's been a rocky few weeks with my weight loss. I had the stomach flu then pigged out in Turkey and have just been trying to get myself back on track. But I think I'm coming back. I finally gave up on the gym scale and purchased my own so that way no one can adjust it or mess around with it. But it turns out it's pretty on par with the gym scale which is a relief. And I'm down 26 pounds now! Which means I am soooooo close to my first goal of....
30 pounds
Book a trip to Amsterdam

And since I am booking Amsterdam this weekend... I HAVE to make the goal before we go...

4 pounds in 3 weeks... no problem!

So I have 2 weeks off for end of term break starting at the end of March and I am going to go to Amsterdam and Italy... and maybe Germany if I can squeeze it in. It should be very cool. I also want to get in a photography course before then just to learn some more about my camera and taking pictures.

What's in your box?

Had my weekly graze nibble box this week. Not as good as last weeks box but still good. This week I got:
salsa fresca - tomato salsa fresca with cheesy sombreros
toffee apple - sticky toffee sauce with granny smith apple slices
mango lassi - yoghurt coated peanuts, pumpkin seeds and mango
black pepper pistachios - roasted pistachios with black pepper
I liked the salsa fresca and the mango lassi. They were very good. Didn't care for the toffee apple... I found it too sweet. And I didn't like the black pepper pistachios.

I also went on the site and clicked on the 'send soon' button to some of the ones I really want to try. So next week here's hoping for lots of the good ones!

On the job front school is very busy this end of term... we have assessments, reports, and observations all within these short 5 weeks. But I will get through it.