29 April 2013

proud owner

if you haven't noticed my new url.... check out the bar at the top...

I am the proud new owner of....


It's all very exciting.


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15 April 2013

a thousand words

This little picture has been floating around the internet lately and it is such a brilliant ad. Now I'm not one to start a rant over gun control in the US... just too much for one blog post... I just wanted to share something that had a huge impact on me when I first saw it...

And for those curious readers the reason Little Red Riding Hood is on the banned book list in the States is because in the original Grimm version it's considered too violent and she gives her grandmother a bottle of wine, which some feared would encourage drinking.

A picture is worth a thousand words.



09 April 2013


A quick 101 update...
#28 - Visit 10 Museums/Galleries - Complete!
#39 - See the Anne Frank Museum - Complete!

And now on to...

Amsterdam or more appropriately named...

This city is probably the most interesting thing I have come across so far in Europe. It is truly a different city by day then it is by night...

I think it can only be truly showcased without words...

Amsterdam by day...

Amsterdam by night...

It is truly a unique city. It has beautiful canals along the water and the people are so friendly. You can bike all over and it just has a feel good vibe to it. Then by night you can visit so many different clubs or coffee shops or hit up the red light district. It has something for EVERYONE! I loved experiencing all of it but I must say that after five days of that crazy life my body hates me. Five days was definitely enough for me. Although I would love to go back because the tulips weren't in bloom yet so I'm sure the summer time would be amazingly beautiful to see those. 

Favourite part was visiting the Anne Frank House and seeing the actual attic where Anne Frank and her family hid during the war.

Side note... If you don't know, I had a bit of an obsession with the Anne Frank book when I was younger which grew in to seeing the play 3 times and watching documentaries and movies all about it.

So it was really exciting to actually visit the annex and see what's left of it. Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures but my 13-year-old self was very satisfied.

It's amazing that they have kept the annex so intact with the actual bookcase that hid the secret entrance to the attic. So unbelievable that it still is in pretty much the same state it was when Anne Frank and her family were hiding there. Even the walls in Anne Frank's bedroom had been preserved with the actual pictures she glued to them from magazines. You can see in her parent's room where they measured Anne and her sister's height on the wall. It's just really amazing.

Such a great trip in such a beautiful city.



04 April 2013


Travelled to Dublin over the past few days and man what a crazy city! I can pretty much sum it up in one word... drinking. That was pretty much the theme of my Irish adventure. We only went for three days but that was enough to do everything we wanted in Dublin. We drank lots of pints... my favourite of course being Bulmers Cider and danced/sang to lots of live Irish music. Such a great time!
Favourite pub in Dublin... such good times
We also went on a a tour of the Guinness Storehouse and the Jameson Distillery. Both of which were amazing. So well worth it. Each tour complete with samples of the product which was also great! haha.

I have learned that I do not like Guinness and struggled to choke down a half of a pint. But it was still a cool experience to be there. I did however manage to take some good pictures while pretending to enjoy my Guinness.

Best part about Dublin is enjoying the nightlife with some pints and live music. The Temple Bar area is always packed every night of the week and is sure to be a good time.

Next adventure -- tomorrow I leave for Amsterdam! Bring on party cities part 2.