28 June 2013


Over these past couple of weeks my class has been observing the life cycle of caterpillars as they turn in to butterflies. And it is absolutely the coolest thing that I have ever seen. We got to actually watch the whole process unfold from the caterpillars getting bigger and bigger... to them spinning a cocoon (or chrysalis in butterfly terminology), and then hatching into butterflies. It was amazing!

First we ordered these little suckers from insectlore and they delivered them to my school in little containers with food already in there for them

We watched them fatten up by eating all the brown stuff at the bottom until they were big enough to spin in to a cocoon. They would crawl up to the ceiling and hang upside down and then spin the silk all around themselves.

Once they cocooned then I had the lucky job of carefully moving them into the butterfly net so that when they hatched they wouldn't get smushed in the little container. The whole time I was moving them my hands were shaking because I was so afraid that I would drop them or they would fall off the top of the lid... but I successfully completed the task of hanging them from a branch in the net.

Then we got to watch them hatch just by chance. It was one morning as we were coming in to the classroom and one of them was wiggling all around. So we started watching it and then after a while a butterfly started to slowly pull itself out of the cocoon in front of us. It was actually really cool to see... the only weird part was when all this red liquid came dripping out after the butterfly which all the kids said was blood.... I just told them it was juice the caterpillar was drinking inside the cocoon since he was thirsty... in reality its actually just left over waste material.

After all 6 of our butterflies hatched I took my kids out to the park and we got to set them free. The best part was when each butterfly flew away all the kids yelled bye to them and waved... sooo cute.

The whole process was really interesting and amazing to watch. One of the best things I have even seen. I would highly recommend every teacher does it with their class.

Also on a side note I would just like to point out how super jealous I am of all my Canadian teacher friends starting their summer now while I still have three weeks to go... dislike.



23 June 2013

5k update

Completed week 6 yo!

Which is crazy because today I ran the furthest and longest so far! I actually did it for the 25 minutes and felt pretty okay afterwards too. I think it might be due to the fact that I took a few days off in between my last run and this one. But I'm pretty excited because the 5km run is just 3 weeks away and I have a bunch of long runs these next 3 weeks so I should definitely be ready!

The one thing I need to get this week is a new pair of runners because mine aren't cutting it. My feet hurt a bit after and I've gotten shin splints a few times now so I'm thinking a new pair of sneaks will help with this.

And while all my fellow teaching friends in Canada are saying bye to their classes for the summer I am counting down the weeks till I'm done... boo still have 4 to go.

Do I miss two month summers? Yes... but I like the idea that the UK has breaks every 7 weeks... so it does suck to still be teaching till late July but then during the year I get tons of weeks off.

 27 days till Canada :)



15 June 2013

still on my way...

This week for couch 2 5k was literally my rude awakening.

Day 1 was jog for 5 minutes and 3 minutes walking   (3x) which was fine no issues...
Day 2 was jog for 8 minutes on and  5 minutes walking (2x) again no issues...

Which brings us to tonight... Day 3. Out of left field today is jog for 20 minutes.
WHAT?! How do you go from the most being 8 minutes at one time to.... 20! Such an absurd way of doing it. Laura came with me tonight and thank god she was there to give me that extra push. I definitely needed it. If she wasn’t with me I would have stopped at some point for sure! But I didn't stop and I did get through it! I jogged very slow but at least I did it for 20 minutes!

The after effects it has had on my body tonight is killer. I think I worked the most random upper thigh muscles I didn’t even know existed cause they are killing me. I don't even know how I hurt these but they are on fire.

Also I have had better luck with my feet lately... no blisters and no pain after I finish. I have my dad to thank for this for his suggestion that I wear two pairs of socks. Works amazingly!

Now bring on the week 6 madness...

o ya and.... 35 days till I'm home in Canada! x



06 June 2013

couch to colour run

I have completed my first week of 5k training! YAY ME! I'm not gonna lie its been pretty tough and every time I finish with a tomato face but I made it through.

me post run
So this week I have jogged/walked around 3.73km. 
I am training with the couch 2 5k app on my phone and I actually really like it. It takes you through 9 weeks of training before you should be bale to jog 5km. I however do not have 9 weeks, I only have 6. So this week I started at week 4.

I jogged/walked 3 times this week for this pattern:
5 min walk
3 min jog
1:30 min walk
5 min jog
2:30 min walk
3 min jog
1:30 walk
5 min jog
5 min walk

I'm not the fastest as it says in average it has taken me about 8:30mins to run 1km. But I'm not in it for speed I just want to be able to finish.

Now on to week 5 of training... and 5 weeks till....



04 June 2013

bath time

I wen to to Bath over the break week for a night with a friend and it was lovely. It's a very cute little place and very attractive to the eye. I loved the colour of all the old buildings. The yellowish stone... so cool. That was definitely my favourite part.

While there we got to partake in the spa experience.
So basically for three hours we
floated around in giant whirlpools and sat in steam rooms. It was amazingly relaxing and also amazing pruney (my skin that is after being in a tub for 3 hours). I highly recommend the Thermae Bath Spa to anyone travelling there. I really wanted to get a treatment/ massage while there but being as it was break week they were booked full for all of those things.

 I also got to see the Roman Baths which is the major attraction of the city. It was quite cool to hear all the history and see the actual baths still kept intact. It is also the only place in the United Kingdom with a natural hot springs which was cool to see in person. Overall Bath was a very relaxing trip and our B&B was pretty nice too. Glad I just got to escape the chaos of London even if it was just for one night.

Next trip... Canada.

Can't wait to see my family and friends plus be home for a glorious 6 week Canadian summer :)