31 July 2013



Tigers Game

I have to say that I love being back in Canada and watching sports I enjoy. In London football (aka soccer for all you Canadian kids out there), rugby and cricket seem to be the main sports of interest and maybe throw in some tennis as well. And personally I don't enjoy watching any of those sports all that much.

So I am happy to be back to the country where baseball and hockey are where it's at.

Today my Dad got us some amazing tickets to see the Detroit Tigers play at Comerica Park. Now these weren't just any tickets they were in a suite with all the food you can eat and all the beer you can drink. Whats more could you need? So we got to sit right behind home plate and had an amazing view as Detroit beat Washington 11-1. Such a great day to add on to my Canadian summer vacation :)



29 July 2013

24 July 2013

canadian summer

I can officially say my 6 week summer vacation has begun!

I arrived in Canada on Saturday after an 8-hour flight and headed straight up to visit my mom at her lake house. So far the picture above states exactly what my vacation has consisted of. me... lake side... beers. This is exactly what I needed after teaching my little 5-year-old friends for the lats 10 and a half months.

I have six whole weeks to be here in Canada and spend some time with my friends and family, get my visa sorted out... and most importantly relax. It will be great time to get some summer reading done and catch-up on all the things I've been neglecting such as this blog. I think it needs a revamp.

All in all I'm pumped to be back home and out of busy London.



15 July 2013

colour me rad

As you noticed I have been updating lately with my couch 2 5k training and I have finally put it to use and completed my first 5k!

On Sunday I ran with some friends through the streets of London for a 5k color run! It was amazing! So much fun and I recommend it to any beginning runner. It took a lot of the pressure off running a full 5k since it had different color zones ot break it up. Now I cant honestly say I ran the whole thing because I did stop in each colour zone to get sprayed and throw colour around before running to the next zone. But overall I am very happy with my results! It was one of the hottest days in London being a scorching 30 degrees and humid so it felt like hell to run in the heat but worth it. I actually smiled the whole way through which is rare bebcause I can honestly say that I don't actually enjoy running but the colour made it wayyyyyy more fun.

Sorry for the quick update as I have moved and have no internet and currently on a time restriction...




10 July 2013

life updates

Well it has been a whirlwind of a last few months and I can finally explain my whole situation as it has become pretty common knowledge now with most people...

I have been in a visa fight for the last 4 months or more with the border agency over here in the UK. It has been a nightmare and lets just say a lot of unnecessary stress.

The plan was for my school to sponsor me as a migrant worker so that I would be able to stay in the country for a few more years... if not then I would have been deported this September. So we have been struggling with getting all this correct paper work sent and have been denied twice! Which was extremely disheartening and as stated above stressful. But as I hoped 'third times a charm' and as of last Friday my school was officially accepted to be a sponsor for migrant workers! YAY FINALLY! So we have passed stage one of our battle and now have to move on to stage two which is getting me a certificate of sponsorship that I can take back to Canada. Then I can move on to stage three where I surrender my passport and wait for my new Visa to be approved.

So hopefully if all else follows through as should be then I will be staying over here at my school for at least another few years and then who knows where life will take me. :)

I have also just moved in to a new flat this past weekend with LK and we love it. It's an amazing little home and even closer to my school then before. (pictures to come soon).

In other news I will be home for my Canadian summer in 10 days! I cannot wait to spend some much need rest time with my loved ones.