25 August 2013

Adapt & Destroy

Wow I can't believe how fast this summer vacation has flown by... I'm coming to my last few days left in Canada... 4 to be exact. It's been a good summer filled with lots of visiting and relaxing. I got to catch up on some reading and ended up killing 13 new books! Crazy right? I just had lots of down time and mostly read while laying on the dock at the cottage.

I start back to school in a week from tomorrow... which is a little crazy and as much as it will be good to see some friends and such I'm not looking forward to actually working after such a big break. Only 30 more years till retirement right? :)

Last night was my brother Brandon's art show and anyone who went can agree that BioArt, the wolf and skulls.
it was so impressive! Brandon is so talented and I was so proud and amazed at how talented he is. It was great to see all his work on display. He had 3 different types of art on display, his

Brandon's BioArt is so unique and is such a cool concept because I have never seen anything like it. It is also very creative to see how he blends his work as a surgical technologist with his work as an artist.

my personal favourite of the night.

The wolf was probably the main attraction of the night and gained the most attention. It's a lifelike statue made out of mostly wood and I can say the pictures just don't do it justice. The amount of effort and skill that went into making this is unbelievable. It's crazy to imagine how long this wolf took him. Putting each little piece on it to give the look of the animals fur and all the different colouring that went in to each small piece of wood. Amazing!

The skulls on display were incredible as well. So creative and the amount of detail on each one would take months to finish. Each one is so precise and they all looked great. I have a skull of my very own that he gave me as a birthday present last year and if I had enough money I would definitely have these other 4 too. He is so incredibly talented.

Overall the show looked amazing and had a great turn out of people. If anyone didn't get a chance to see it yet the gallery will be open on Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm until September 4th at Common Ground Art Gallery inside Mackenzie Hall, 3277 Sandwich Street, Windsor ON.

Go check it out and support local artists!



18 August 2013

Art Show

To everybody in Windsor this week there is a pretty cool event happening that I think you should all stop by and check out. My very talented brother is having a show  at the Common Ground Art Gallery at Mackenzie Hall.

Here's the deets:

Adapt & Destroy will feature new and recent works by multidisciplinary Windsor artist Brandon Ed Lemire. It will be running from Wednesday, August 21st until Wednesday, September 11th.

The artist reception takes place Saturday August 24th at 7pm. 
(Facebook invite)

Check out some of his work:

Hope to see many of you out there supporting local artists in Windsor!



17 August 2013

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expat adventures

I have some news...

After a long hard process of ups and downs with my application for a new UK visa the results have finally come in....

 Sorry just couldn't miss the perfect opportunity to insert a good Maury reference after the statement above... but back the the topic on hand...


Which means I will be back to the UK living in London for up to another three years with this new working Visa! I'm pretty pumped... as you can tell in my picture.

So only more Britventures to come...

I have 12 days left in Canada until my flight back to London so I will be spending it relaxing and catching up with friends and family.

See you soon Londo