24 November 2013

more to come

The best part about being a teacher over in the UK is the holiday breaks every 7-8 weeks. I must say I have become very dependant upon these breaks to get through the year. They are perfect because after about 7 weeks of teaching you begin to burn out and you need a break from children and work. So that little break  is just what you need to refresh yourself for the next term. It also gives me the opportunity to travel all over and see some more of Europe. So this year I have my heart set on seeing a few places that I haven't had the chance to yet. So here is my travel wish list for 2013/14.

Paris and Disneyland Paris

The Greek Islands

Those are the places I would really love to see but you never know when a good deal comes along for some place else I may just have to take that one too. Which is exactly how I ended up in Budapest over the last term break. I'm hoping that a couple of people I know from back home decide to visit and come along with me on a couple of these...

For my next break at Christmas time I will be travelling back home to Canada for two weeks to spend time with my fam jam.

02 November 2013


Over this half term I was really wanting to go some place but everyone I talked to seemed to be short on funds. So after speaking to a friend over Thanksgiving dinner she told me about this website, icelolly.com which has some really good deals on vacations. So I checked it out and found some great last minute prices. So my friend Nikki and I on a whim booked a little 3 night trip to Budapest.

Budapest is really cool place. It separated by two areas... Buda and Pest. (yes this is an actual fact... I know it sounds made up I thought so too at first...) We stayed on the Pest side in an amazingly central area. Our hostel Marco Polo was pretty nice minus the fact that the wifi was annoying to use since it was only in the lobby or the basement. But we had everything so easily in walking distance.

We did a free walking tour which I highly recommend. It's a great way to cheaply see all the sights and get a feel for the area. The guides are great and the best part is you pay what you can for the tour. She took us around the main middle part of Budapest and gave us some history behind the city.

We did two really cool things that I highly recommend while there... one go to Szechenyi Bath Spa and two check out the ruin pubs.

The Szechenyi Bath Spa was really beautiful. We were so lucky because the weather was about 20 degrees (70 fahrenheit) and it was sunny outside so the outdoor spas were lovely to sit in. Szechenyi has about 16 different pools to sit in 3 of which are outdoors and they all range in temperature. Being such a beautiful day we favoured the outdoor ones. It was a very relaxing spa and similar to the Bath Spa I visited in Bath.

The ruin pubs are a bunch of old abandoned buildings that in the 90s people decided to turn in to pubs. We visited three of them that were right around the corner from our hostel and they are by far the coolest things that I have ever seen! The best one is Szimpla Kert. It has art and random things littering all the walls for decorations. Which is probably the most appealing part. The bar itself is made up of a bunch of different smaller rooms. One has live music, one is an outdoor covered area complete with cut off top cars to sit in, and the rest is just a bunch of different small areas with table and stools. It has a very cool vibe to it overall. The people are very chilled the bets part is how cheap everything is. My only regret is not having my camera with me while there... I only had my phone which sucked because the photo ops were endless...

It was overall a great trip and you could definitely see it all within 3 days. Here are a couple more pics from the trip.