01 January 2014

Cheers 2013

2013 was a good year. I went through a lot of different changes, experienced some tough times but also made some amazing memories! Here's the best of 2013!

February  was my first time really travelling Europe and I fell in love with Istanbul. It was such a beautiful lively place that made for a great trip. The people were lovely, the food was amazing and it was such a great city for taking pictures.

April I travelled to Dublin & Amsterdam which was a great party combo. Maybe a little too great... Dublin was a fun couple of nights and Amsterdam was such a cool city.

July/ August moved into a new flat close to my school. I spent my summer in Canada where I got to catch up with friends and family and relax at my parents lake house. Also finally was able to attend one of my brothers art shows in Windsor.

September finally got my sponsorship in order for a UK visa! Got away from being paid through an agency and went on my schools payroll. Had a great month reconnecting with friends in London.

November went on a last minute fun trip to Budapest and celebrated turning my last year in my twenties.

 December came home for Christmas to see friends and family which has been a much needed relaxing escape from the busy London life.

Cheers to a new year and more adventures in 2014!