22 February 2014

February Half Term

Last February I embarked on my first travel adventure when I went to Istanbul for the week. It was amazing and so far one of my favourite places that I have been too. This break however has been quite a different experience. It has been a week filled with relaxation and some odd bits in between.

The Olympic hockey games have pretty much been the center focus for my week off. I have been watching all the games so far and loving every minute of feeling that Canadian pride. There is a Canadian Expat Group on meetup.com who've been organizing places for all of us Canadians to watch the games together here in London. Which is amazing... there's nothing like watching hockey with other Canadians. It is probably the only sport that every Canadian feels most patriotic about. So it has consumed my evening most nights this week along with multiple beers.

I also did a touristy day in London with a few friends. We had planned to go to the London Dungeons but after seeing the 2 1/2 hour line we decided against it. Which turned into a fun unplanned day of visiting Big Ben for a few pics, petting the horse guards, climbing on the massive lions in Trafalgar Square, drinks at the top of the National Portrait Galley, followed by more drinks at the Toucan in Soho and to cap it all off cheering for Canada in London's only Canadian pub.

Cheers to finishing it off with a gold medal game on Sunday :)


16 February 2014

January / February

I realise that I have been neglecting my blog... mostly because I haven't had much to talk about. I have been very busy lately with school, which pretty much has consumed my life fully. But now being that it is half term this week I am able to relax and catch up on everything.

chats and beers
I got a visit from home last week when my brother's girlfriend Sarah stopped in. She is currently doing a mini travel session with her sister and had a few nights in London. It's always nice to see a face form back home and it was great seeing her here so far from home in my new home. :) We went out for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants across the road from me called Petak which serves up some amazing Turkish food. Every time I eat their I am reminded of my amazing trip to Istanbul and how glorious the food was there. Afterwards in true British fashion we went and had pint in my local pub.

Mayan 2011

On the travel front as I stated above it is half term but I will not jetting off anywhere this time. I have to save for a couple of big plans that I have coming up for the next two breaks. First on the list is my monster break for end of term in April which is for 16 days and amazingly enough one of my bests from back home will be coming over to spend the whole break with me! I am super pumped to spend a holiday with her. Last time we went away it was right before I moved over to the UK in 2011 and we went to the Mayan Riviera for some sun, sand and swim-up bars. This time we are looking at going to Spain while shes over here. I'm really pumped because the weather should be beautiful there in April and I hear so many amazing things about Barcelona!

(insert terrible photoshop)
For my May half term break I have officially booked my first trip to Paris! FINALLY! I feel like the only person living in Europe who has never been before... some of my friends have actually been numerous times and I always get a baffled look when I state that I have never been. I'm super excited because a good friend of mine here is planning it for her Hen Do  (aka bachelorette party... Canadian lingo). So it should be a good mix of sight seeing and fun nights out! Plus as an added bonus we are going to be hitting up Disneyland Paris which the inner child in me is just squealing with delight by this fact. I cannot wait to get some mickey ears and take a selfie with the Eifle tower!

This past weekend was LK's 30th birthday which was a great time. We went to this
really cool restaurant in London called Dans Le Noir... which is french for In The Dark... (yupp grade school French put to good use) So basically you order from 1 of 4 menus; meat, vegetarian, seafood, or chefs special. You don't actually know what your getting you just know that it will fall under one of those categories. Then you go into the restaurant making a sort of chain linking everyone by holding each others shoulders. You follow your server who is blind in to complete darkness. And when I say complete darkness I am not exaggerating. I literally could not see a single thing in front of me. So the waitress helped us sit down and then we ate and drank in complete darkness not knowing what we were having. At the end of the meal once we left and went back out in to the lobby they showed us a menu of what we had just eaten. It was such a weird but cool experience and I unknowingly ate a pigeon.

I also did something 'Londony' with my class and took them to the London Museum of Transport... which was amazing! It might just be one of the best class trips that I have taken while over here. We got to explore lots of old trams, trains, buses, and carriages. I loved it and the kids were engaged the whole day because it was interactive and hands on. I would say it might be one of my new favourite museums in London.