22 March 2014


Linking up with my fellow expat blogger Sammy @ To Days Like These I thought I would share my thoughts on what makes me miss home...

What makes me miss home?

1. When my friends / family get married
 I have missed four weddings over these past two years of living in London. And to top it off I have three more scheduled for this year of which I will only be able to make it home for one. Which will make the total number of weddings missed since I have moved away two and a half years ago to 7! What is going on? I literally have never left Canada until two years ago and then everyone decides to get married?! So on the day of the weddings I do get rather emotional and especially when people start posting pictures... my solution is to shed a couple of tears and move on with it.
It especially hits my little heart strings because I have some amazing friends that are thinking about me in times like these and try to keep me included even from afar...

2. Birthdays and Holidays
This being an obvious one. It doesn't help either having no family over here to spend them with. I am so thankful that I have met an amazing group of friends in London some of which are also expats and understand how it feels during these times and are here to help me get through it.

3. Skype Dates
I skype weekly with my parents and usually monthly with some of my friends. It makes me happy to catch up with everyone but also sometimes it can make me sad to see them as well. I seem to tune out the homesickness when I don't see or hear from people I miss. But then as soon as I speak to them it all comes back. Its like my own personal love/hate relationship with skype dates.

4. When I'm stressed out or things aren't going well
This is probably the biggest cause of homesickness for me. When things are not going well I just instantly get homesick. I feel like my parents can especially agree to this as they have been on the other side of some pretty emotional skype calls.

Either way moving to a new city full of new experiences has its ups and downs. I have learnt so much from being over here and I can honestly say that I thought I would have been home after a year of it. :)

What gets me over all the homesick bumps is thinking of all the amazing experiences that I am having over here... I get to travel all over, live in a great city, and work at a job doing what I love... I don't think there are many people who could check all three of those boxes.


15 March 2014

plans plans plans

Lots of exciting things coming up!

My friend will be here in April for 2 weeks and I have finally finalised our travel plans so we will be hitting up Spain for 5 days seeing both Madrid and Barcelona followed by a couple nights in Edinburgh checking out the highlands. We have also planned for a few necessary days hanging out around London too. I am actually really excited! I cannot wait to go to Spain! So now I'm going to be looking up all the different things I want to check out in each city and wipe the dust off my good old camera so shes really for some more adventures.

I have also booked us tickets to see Book of Mormon while here in London which I am dying to see. Sarah is also a theatre junkie like myself which is one of the reasons we became best friends in high school. We both worked on the school play in grade nine... The Mousetrap if I remember correctly.... Sarah on stage and myself behind the scenes doing sound tech. It was a such a terrible show but that just made us love it even more. Anyways back to seeing Book of Mormon... I have heard only amazing things about from everyone who has been so I'm definitely stoked.

Then after as I stated in the previous post I will be adventuring to Paris for the next break for my friend Sara's hen do and I have also added on a couple nights in Devon at a cozy little spa cottage retreat for my other friend Erin's hen do.

So good times and exciting travel blogs to come :)