27 April 2014


Continuing on with my April break trips... we left Madrid and headed by train to Barcelona for a couple days.

My first mistake was only having about 2 days to try and see everything in Barcelona... it just wasn't possible. Barcelona is a much more buzzing and exciting city than Madrid. So we booked a bus tour to try and see everything that we could in one full day and made sure to stop along the way.

One of our favourite things that we saw on the whole trip was La Sagrada Familia which is this amazing church designed by Gaudi. Its literally one of most amazing things that I have ever seen. The details that went in to each of the different parts of the church is so fascinating to see. I would highly recommend if you can only see one thing while in Barcelona this definitely it. And not just the outside you need to go inside as well to see the whole thing.

My favourite spot is once you have gone through the entire inside of the church and you go outside to the back. It is literally breathtaking how intricate and gothic looking the back is in comparison to the front of the building. Just beautiful.


My other favourite part of Barcelona was right by our Hostel, this little alleyway of restaurants/bars with cheap wine and tapas! Yes I am obsessed with tapas and I think Barcelona did it the best. I recommend going here for some good eats and drinks. I think the street was called Carrer de Blai from what I remember. Either way the wine was 1 Euro and tasted great... and the tapas were amazing and once again only 1 Euro each! The concept of these bars are so cool and I'm surprised no one has done this over in Canada yet... they place all these plates of tapas on the bar and you can go up and choose which ones you want and then they count your toothpicks once you're finished to add up the total you pay. Plus the tapas are fresh since they are constantly putting out new ones. I was so excited by how cool these restaurants were. Sarah and I would eat a few tapas at one shop and then move on to the next one and try a few more. Such a neat concept and I can say that by the end of our Spain trip we went so tapas crazy #tapasloco that I needed a break from eating them.

Next stop... Bag pipes, Highland cows and a hunt for Nessie



21 April 2014


My friend came to visit me for these last two weeks that I have been off school. It has been super busy but a ton of fun and we have managed to tackle 3 different places during our time together! I have decided to spread these posts out and do each one separately so that I can take my time and sort of each of the different things and places we saw...

First stop Madrid!

Madrid was almost like a fake city. It was beautiful but very uniform. We couldn't get over how it looked as if someone has put up dozens of 'fake' building or walls to line the streets all the same. It felt like we were walking in front of a fake backdrop of what Madrid looks like but on a Hollywood set or something. Very odd but still pretty cool to see. Madrid is also the cleanest city I have even encountered! We stayed in a beautiful Hostel (Hostal Madrid) that I highly recommend and it even had a veranda!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love tapas hence one of the reasons I was so excited to be visiting Spain. The highlight for me of Madrid was the tapas market, Mercado San Miguel. It was this large building completely full of different food stalls all with different types of tapas. My dream come true :) So you walk up to a stall and order a few tapas some wine and just hang out. It was amazing!

Overall Madrid was very peaceful and relaxing. The weather was beautiful, the sangria was refreshing and the tapas were glorious. We did lots of walking and sitting on patios drinking in the day. We also tackled the bus tour which I would say you don't really need to do since you can pretty much walk everywhere since its all pretty close. We stayed for two days before moving on to Barcelona which I felt was plenty of time to see everything!