29 May 2014

Bonjour Paris!

I'm not sure where to even start with my Paris adventure... it was spectacular and amazing! I'm not sure what I loved more... the city... Disneyland... or the company. I think all three made it such a great trip! I'm so happy to have been able to spend my first time in Paris with some really great girls to celebrate one of my good friends last blast before the wedding!

The whole weekend was packed full since we had planned to do a lot of things while we were there and to make the most out of our 4 days.

The first day we went out to the Palace of Versailles to have a look around the place and explore the beautiful gardens. The palace was beautiful and reminded me a lot of Hampton Court Palace in London. I couldn't believe how enormous the gardens were with fountains, statues and a lake right in the middle of it all. Its really quite surreal to think about how someone actually lived there at one time. It also has made me want to re-watch Marie Antoinette again.


Day 2 was the place I was most excited for.... DISNEYLAND! We all rocked up with different Disney themed shirts and Minnie ears for happiest place on earth. And literally I just could not stop smiling all day! It was so much fun! The Paris Disneyland is just like the one in America but a smaller version. We stayed all day till the very end which I highly recommend because there is the most spectacular light show at the end of the night in front of the castle. It was like a story with music lights and fireworks... possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen! Either way my inner-10-year-old was sooooo happy.

The other days were spent walking around doing touristy things and seeing all the lovely Paris sights.

Dear Paris... Je t'aime

lockin the love.

 and lastly my Eiffel Tower selfie...

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03 May 2014


Here it is... I am finally getting around to posting the last travel blog from my April break adventures. I had previously blogged about my friend coming from Canada to visit for two weeks and our adventures in Madrid and Barcelona. So after our Spanish tapa sangria fill we headed to Edinburgh Scotland for a Highland adventure and to reconnect with our Scottish roots.

Edinburgh is such a beautiful and pleasant city. Everything about it was lovely! We spent a total of 3 days there and did lots of exploring of the city and took a bus tour through Haggis Adventures to the Highlands.

First off the city...

My favourite building, The Scott Monument, in Edinburgh sat right in the middle of a sort of park / garden type thing. It's this odd out of place looking structure with a Gothic feel which I love! It was one of the first things that caught my on upon arriving in the city. 

A few shots from Greyfriars Kirkyard cemetery in the middle of Old Town.

 Now after leaving the cemetery by fluke while sitting and eating some food I saw the most amazing discovery and obviously my friend Sarah was insanely jealous :) ... but anyways right across the street I look up and see this wall...

Now you have to understand how excited I got because I NEVER see anything with my name on it and here a whole Telfer wall! COME ON... HOW COOL IS THAT?!
Definitely the highlight of my trip and my Dad tells me this picture is currently posted on our fridge back home in Canada... Telfer wall...no big deal... :)

 On the second day of our adventures we decided to wake up early and venture on a 11 hour bus day trip to the Highlands...We chose to go with Haggis Adventures for this and our tour guide was really great. He was very knowledgeable and told us stories to keep us entertained for literally the whole ride. I can't express how beautiful the Highlands are and my pictures cant even do it justice. It was incredible to see.

Sarah on our Nessie hunt

Next adventure in 20 days... Paris!