30 June 2014

July: Travel Link Up

This month I'm participating in the Travel Link Up post put on by fellow expat bloggers Kelly, Emma and Rebecca. This months theme is....

Favourite Travel Photo

This one was a bit tough for me because I love photography but I am very critical of my own work since I am still a beginner and learning more every day.

Spice Market, Istanbul Turkey
I chose this picture because it has a lot of memories behind it for me. Turkey was my first European travel destination when I moved over here and my first real experience in a non-English speaking country. So I have a soft spot for Istanbul. I love this picture because it represents all the beautiful colours you see in Turkey and the markets were just incredible in themselves. I adored everything about my trip there and captured so many wonderful shots.

Here are a few others from Istanbul that I love as well.

Basilica Cistern, Istanbul Turkey
Basilica Cistern, Istanbul Turkey
Grand Bazaar, Istanbul Turkey


29 June 2014

Paris part deux.

I have now been to Paris twice and both times have happened to fall in the same month. That being said my first Paris experience was a huge difference from this time. The first time was for a friends Hen-Do which you can read about here and this time was as a chaperon on a school trip with 45 children. Hen-Do... 45 11-year-olds... yupp big difference haha.

So this time around we took a coach bus over to Paris via the ferry to Calais. It was awesome that I got to go by train the first time and by ferry the second time. The ferry was such a nice journey and very relaxing. You got a great view of the White Cliffs of Dover from the top deck and they had a pretty good duty free shop where I managed to snag some new on sale perfume and some amazing treats.

During our travels to the hotel in Paris we stopped at a Sea Life Centre to check out the aquariums. Right beside it was this beautiful sandy beach so we decided to take in some sunshine and have our lunch there. It was a nice relaxing hour where the kids just got to run around and play, and it also gave us teachers some time to play as well.

rockin the safety vest.
The hotel we stayed in was great. It was a 15 min drive from Disneyland and had lots of open spaces for the children to play. We were able to take the shuttle bus to and from the park in included with our stay which helped. The only thing I found a bit odd was they placed families in between our block of rooms. Not sure why they did this but it did seem odd to me.

We went to Disneyland on day 2 and got fast pass tickets which helped to get us on lots of rides without waiting forever. The best part about my day at Disney was the very end of the night while we were watching the light show. This one little girl sitting next to me had the biggest smile on her face and she looked so amazed while watching it. It was by far was my best moment of the trip and its moments like these which validate why I'm in the right profession.

Our last day was the longest day since it was filled with mostly travel. I got to see the Eiffle Tower on a sunny day which made me very happy! The only negative to our trip was the boat tour through Bateaux Parisiens we were suppose to take on the last day. We had bought tickets through our tour company and were told to just show up at the boat. When we got there they told us to come back in half an our for the next boat. So we did and upon returning they wouldn't let us on the boat said it was full and we didn't have a reservation. They then proceeded to let another French school group on who was lined up after us. Either way they were extremely rude and I couldn't believe how terrible their management was in dealing with the situation. Needless to say I wouldn't recommend them.

This was my first over night trip away as a teacher and it was pretty good experience overall!

21 June 2014

Busy Summer

Since moving over to London I have been doing a lot of travelling. Which has been such an amazing experience! I have seen lots of different cities and explored all kinds of different sights. The one thing I am craving for is a beach vacation. All my city breaks involve tracking through the streets, experiencing the culture and doing lots of walking. I am now in need of a beach vacation! I just want to lie on the beach with a fruity drink and swim in some blue water. So hopefully this year I can pack in a beach vacation at some point. The last time I went on a beach holiday was right before I moved over here. It was with a few of my bests and we went to the Mayan Riviera, Mexico and that was over 3 years ago! It was such an amazing trip just laying around our all inclusive resort relaxing.

This summer my travel plans are to go back across the pond to Canada. Being a teacher means that I get a nice 5 week summer so I plan on spending it with the ones I love. I really had planned on having a European summer filled with travel but my brother is getting married so I'm going to head home for that.

So this summer I have a London wedding to attend for my friends Sara & Dan which should be amazingly fun! Then I head off to Canada to spend 2 weeks in Windsor with the one half of my parents,  family and friends. Celebrating a bachelorette party for one of my bests and a baby shower for another one. Then I'm off to a weekend away for my brothers wedding and my final two weeks will be spent in the Kawarthas with my other half of parents. So it should be a busy busy time of trying to see everyone in such a short amount of time.

Any suggestions / recommendations for a beach holiday?

17 June 2014


New look. New style. Same blogger. 

Shout out to the lovey Cat from Je Suis Cat Designs for giving Britventures a much needed makeover! It looks amazing and I couldn't be happier!

14 June 2014

Devon Spa Weekend

After returning to London from a very busy weekend in Paris I had a couple of days to do some laundry and repack before jetting off again on to Hen Do number 2 in the English Countryside.

We took the train for a couple hours outside London to have a nice weekend of relaxation at Home Place Spa and Cottages. It was in this beautiful little small country village in the middle of sheep farms and woodlands. Such a perfect little place.


The actual cottages we stayed in were beautiful. Each one had its own kitchen and living room  so we could bring our own food to cook.

The best part was the farmhouse beside our cottage where it had a spa and steam room to hang out in and just relax. We also all got a massage as part of our stay which turned out to be my first time ever having a professional massage. It was incredible! I literally felt so good after that half hour of the lady working on my back.

The weather turned out to be incredible and it just made the weekend even better. We were able to take walks through the woods and be surrounded by nature which is something you miss while living in a big city.

While on one of our walks we stumbled upon an alpaca farm. It was such a big surprise because we just looked up and all of a sudden a huge pack of them came running towards us at the fence. They were such a funny looking misfit crew of animals because everyone of them were very different looking! They were by far my favourite thing to see on the trip! I absolutely fell in love with them.

It was such a great little weekend filled with lots of laughs, lots of wine, lots of relaxation and some really good company! Just what this city girl needed.