14 July 2014

Blogger Life

Last week I got the opportunity to go to my first Blogger networking event in London  put on by Travel Bloggers Unite. It was such a great opportunity to get out and around Central London while hooking up with some other great bloggers.

We first met at Ripley's Believe It or Not! for a brief tour of the place followed by some mingling and welcome drinks to meet up with the rest of the bloggers. I decided to go with my friend and fellow blogger Sara and ended up meeting some wonderful other people there too. We didn't get to experience the full tour of Ripley's because we were tight on time but they provided us with two complementary tickets to go back and get the full experience another time which was pretty amazing.

with my swag bags from Big Bus and Ripleys
 After Ripley's we boarded one of the Big Bus London tours where we had a great tour guide show us around central London . He was filled with interesting facts and kept us entertained the whole time. Plus he gave us little tips on the best times to take pictures during the tour. I have been on lots of hop on, hop off bus tours in different cities and it is definitely a great way to see all the landmarks and get around a new city.

I never get tired of seeing Big Ben
The last stop was at Planet Hollywood London where we got to mingle some more and have some eats and drinks. The staff were very friendly and the sample of food we got was good as well.

bloggers on a bus
All in all it was a great event and a great first experience for me to take part in. Thanks again to Travel Bloggers Unite for hosting!


07 July 2014

Weekend in Dalston

For the weekend I had read online and heard about some good things going on in the Dalston area. So I decided to venture on down to check them out. I have never actually been out in Dalston only heard about the area but it was actually a great couple of nights out.

On Friday a friend and I ventured over to the Kopparberg Urban Forest located off the high street near Dalston Kingland station. It was a car park transformed to look like a tree house with wood seating and leaves all around. Plus some lights strung up for decoration. There was a stage for live bands, food trucks and every flavour of Kopparberg available... elderflower and lime being my new favourite choice. It turned out to be a pretty good night out. The bands were cool and it just had a good feel to the night.

Saturday a few friends and I ventured back to Dalston for Street Feast in Dalston Yard. Now this place was amazing. I had never been and was pleasantly surprised by the whole setup they had. The area has tons of room to sit and eat at with tables plus it has huge cargo containers all over the place for decoration. It had so many food stands which were all very different from each other. I had a trio of naan sliders from Rola Wala which were topped with pulled pork, paneer and chicken plus other Indian flavours. They tasted amazing! I highly recommend everyone in London to check this little gem out. If you go before 7pm you can get in free.

After finishing our dinner we headed back a couple of streets away to the Kopparberg Urban Forest again for round 2 which was just as fun as the night before. This time they had a DJ who was playing some great tunes which made for a good dancey end to our evening. Plus a few more of those refreshing elderflower and lime Kopparbergs and I was a pretty happy girl :)

Cheers to outdoor summer events in London!