15 September 2014

Cheers to 3 Years!

September 15th is my official Londonversary! It was the day I packed up my life 3 years ago in to one suitcase and a backpack to travel all the way across the pond to teach children in England! I came over without a winter coat thinking that being Canadian it wouldn't get as cold as I was use to... cut to 2 months later when I was calling my parents to beg them to ship it over! haha

After three years it has become so much more than just a place where I work. 

I have become a Londoner.

I like a few pints after work.
I avoid central London and touristy areas at all cost.
Packed tubes annoy me.
I plan my nights out based on how I'm going to get home later.
I get mad when someone stands on the wrong side of an escalator.
I use words like trousers, jumper, and knickers to describe clothing.
I love a good drink in the park.
I walk everywhere.
I get excited on sunny days and take full advantage of a good beer garden.
I judge people based on which area they live in.
I get excited by any free event.

London has become my home and I could not ask for a better place to have spent my last years. I have made some incredible friends and travelled to lots of crazy and exciting places!

This year I'm hoping for my best adventures yet, lots of travelling and making sure to get my full London fix in this great city... plus a special weekend away coming up in a little over a month for my dirty thirty to Liverpool with some of my best mates I have met over here.