29 November 2014

Walking Snapping Tagging

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to go on a London Instagram Photography Walk with other London bloggers. I have now been to a couple of these blogger events around London and they are always well put together and lots of fun! This one was put on by Joe Blogs, Giff Gaff, and Best LDN Walks. We took a stroll through central London starting off at Waterloo, walking along the South Bank and over Westminster bridge and finishing off near Trafalgar Square. Our guide for the night was Charlotte and she provided us with some fun London history and stops along the way for great photo ops. 

My highlight of the night was getting to see all the street art in the Banksy tunnel and since Charlotte provided us with some spray paint I was able to do my first ever tag! Which was sadly covered up in less than 10 minutes by some other tagger... but at least I snapped a pic first!

Here are some of the other snaps I took throughout the night using my phone. I must say I do not have a fancy top of the line camera phone but I still think they turned out alright! If you want to see more from that night check out #giffgaffsnaps on instagram.

Want see more from that night? 

Check out my friend Sara's post as we went on this little adventure together and as an extra treat she has some really cool pictures of me tagging!
Here are some posts by other bloggers from the night  as well on Giff Gaff

Thanks again to Joe Blogs, Giff Gaff and Charlotte from Best LDN Walks for a very fun night!

23 November 2014

Celebrating Thirty

 For my thirtieth birthday this year I decided to take little trip to Liverpool with some friends to escape busy London life for the weekend. It was such a good time and I had so much fun! I was pleasantly surprised to find out Liverpool is a great city full of friendly people and I really liked being there!

We started off our weekend heading out of London by train with lots of snacks and 3 bottles of bubbles to keep us company on the journey...
Saturday the weather was a bit rainy but we were still able to spend the day out exploring Liverpool city life and the Albert Docks. The docks is a beautiful area and also lead us to The Beatles Story exhibition. Which is one of my main reasons for wanting to go to Liverpool so I could take in some Beatlemania.

The exhibition was so well done and put together. It was a tour with free audio guide which took you from where it all began from their first guitars ever played to the recording of their albums, the first published articles about them, and so much more all the way to the end of their careers. They had replicas of different influential places like Strawberry Fields and The Cavern Club. It was a really well put together exhibition and left us on a Beatles high. 

Which we followed up by going to the Cavern Club. Which was the highlight of my trip. I can't really sum up how I was feeling when I went inside there but it was a flood of too many emotions hitting me at once. I was excited, overwhelmed, happy, sad, just on an emotion overload literally feeling everything. There was just so much going on inside and it was extremely busy. But it was amazing! They had live music playing and the drinks were flowing plus they had pictures all over the walls of all the different artists who have played there which was cool to see. Knowing all the history behind it just made it that much better and I'm so happy that I got to experience it.

Saturday was celebrated with some drinks, dancing and club hopping to have one last blast in my twenties. It was such a great weekend filled with lots of giggles and being silly... my two favourite things! I'm so lucky to have made some amazing friends and I couldn't have asked for better company to spend my last weekend in the twenties with! x



01 November 2014

A Very European Christmas

Today I booked a holiday :)

I have decided to use my breaks to the max this year which means trying to see as many places as I can during all the time off I get from work. In December I have always gone home for the last 3 years that I have been over here to have a traditional white Canadian Christmas with my family. As much as I love it I have decided to do something different and spend my Christmas holidays travelling. This is going to be a big step for me being away from home during the holidays and I'm sure at some point I may even become homesick and possibly regret my decision BUT I am going to go for it anyways. I really want to travel and it costs less money for me to take a big trip rather than fly home. So this is one Christmas where I am going to do something different and get some new experiences.

I have booked a Eastern European trek which takes me from Prague to Krakow with a few stops in between. It looks like a really great trip and some highlights are:

Tour of Auschwitz
Christmas markets in Prague
Christmas dinner at a winery in the Viennese hills
Schnapps museum
Chalet in the Alps
New Years party in Krakow
River cruise on the Danube

So I am pretty excited to be able to experience all of it plus more! It will be my first time going on a solo adventure but it is with a tour group so I'm sure I'll meet loads of people!

November Travel Link up

I haven't participated in the last two travel link ups because I found that I didn't have much to say about the topics. It made me a bit sad because I enjoy participating in these monthly posts. I just found my self unable to write... either due to my own lack of motivation/inspiration or due to bloggers block. BUT this month has changed that and I am happily participating! I am linking up with fellow expat bloggers Kelly, Emma, Rebecca and Kat for this months topic of "falling in love on the road!"

I have indeed fallen in love on the road... but just not with another person...

When I first moved over to London from my little city in Ontario, Canada it was a quick, impulsive and not well thought out move. I moved over for a job and had 2 months to pack up my life and ship out. I had never been away from home for long periods of time and never been as far away as crossing an entire ocean. So began my journey...

Istanbul, Turkey
When I first got here I met lots of different people and they all seemed to be well travelled and had seen and experienced lots of different places around the world. I on the other hand had personally never planned on travelling. My travel experience was limited to all-inclusive stays in Mexico, party breaks in Las Vegas, or Disney World vacations in Florida. Don't get me wrong these are all great vacations to have, but after travelling through Europe and experiencing different cultures and countries I must say that is where I fell in love with travel.

I have only just begun my loving relationship with travel but I can honestly say we are going to be going strong for a long while ;) I feel there is still so much for me to see and experience and I can't wait to do it all!

So far during my travels I have fallen in love with something from every place that I have visited...
♥ the canals in Amsterdam
♥ the ruin bars in Budapest
♥ Big Ben in London
♥ Temple Bar in Dublin
♥ the Eiffel Tower in Paris
♥ the Highlands in Scotland
♥ the markets in Istanbul
♥ sangria & tapas in Spain
Canals in Amsterdam
Big Ben in London

It has been such a great experience so far and I feel that it will only get better with the more I am able to see.

I already have some more adventures lined up for the end of the year with lots more falling in love to come. Plus next weekend I will be venturing off to Liverpool to celebrate my dirty thirty!