01 November 2014

November Travel Link up

I haven't participated in the last two travel link ups because I found that I didn't have much to say about the topics. It made me a bit sad because I enjoy participating in these monthly posts. I just found my self unable to write... either due to my own lack of motivation/inspiration or due to bloggers block. BUT this month has changed that and I am happily participating! I am linking up with fellow expat bloggers Kelly, Emma, Rebecca and Kat for this months topic of "falling in love on the road!"

I have indeed fallen in love on the road... but just not with another person...

When I first moved over to London from my little city in Ontario, Canada it was a quick, impulsive and not well thought out move. I moved over for a job and had 2 months to pack up my life and ship out. I had never been away from home for long periods of time and never been as far away as crossing an entire ocean. So began my journey...

Istanbul, Turkey
When I first got here I met lots of different people and they all seemed to be well travelled and had seen and experienced lots of different places around the world. I on the other hand had personally never planned on travelling. My travel experience was limited to all-inclusive stays in Mexico, party breaks in Las Vegas, or Disney World vacations in Florida. Don't get me wrong these are all great vacations to have, but after travelling through Europe and experiencing different cultures and countries I must say that is where I fell in love with travel.

I have only just begun my loving relationship with travel but I can honestly say we are going to be going strong for a long while ;) I feel there is still so much for me to see and experience and I can't wait to do it all!

So far during my travels I have fallen in love with something from every place that I have visited...
♥ the canals in Amsterdam
♥ the ruin bars in Budapest
♥ Big Ben in London
♥ Temple Bar in Dublin
♥ the Eiffel Tower in Paris
♥ the Highlands in Scotland
♥ the markets in Istanbul
♥ sangria & tapas in Spain
Canals in Amsterdam
Big Ben in London

It has been such a great experience so far and I feel that it will only get better with the more I am able to see.

I already have some more adventures lined up for the end of the year with lots more falling in love to come. Plus next weekend I will be venturing off to Liverpool to celebrate my dirty thirty!


  1. It's wonderful to have you back - there's never any pressure to pop on board :D
    I know what you mean about falling in love with a new city, it's so easy to do!

    1. It's so wonderful to see new places! I feel so lucky that I have experienced such amazing adventures so far!

  2. Ahh that ghastly writers block Cara, we all get it at some point! As Emma has said, welcome back and we love having you so thank you for joining the travel link up party. Having a wild love affair with travel is totally acceptable, way better than a bad boy any day ;-) xx

    1. I agree haha! I need to change my status to in a relationship with travel :)

  3. That old thing called the travel bug!!! It lures you in and you never lose it! May you fall in love over and over and over and over and over again as you count the stamps in your passport. And enjoy that dirty thirty!!

    1. Thanks Kat! My favourite part is the passport stamps! haha

  4. And I for one are pleased you fell in love with this city! Great post Cara! x

  5. Falling in love with cities is the best thing ever. xx

  6. Love (!!) that you fall in love with a bit of somewhere on every trip... keeps you wanting more! I think the same - with all the planning and being time poor, I want to fall in love with a little bit of something on every trip!

  7. Hi Cara! I just found your blog through the link-up, and I love that you wrote about falling in love with so many different places. I guess that's what keeps us traveling :) I also loved hearing about how your journey started. Glad I found your blog!

  8. We are so privileged in Europe to be able to pop to different countries whenever we want. It makes the pressure less and the feelings more genuine maybe! Glad you've been able to visit so many places since moving here!

  9. I do love a new passport stamp. I'm always disappointed if I do get one at a boarder crossing for what ever reason. Happy upcoming birthday!