20 December 2014

Christmas Adventures!

Tomorrow I am setting off on my Christmas break adventure to Eastern Europe. I will be travelling around for 12 days starting in Prague. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Christmas markets and getting in to the festive spirit. From Prague we venture over to Cesky Krumlov the medieval looking city full of cobblestone paths for the night. Christmas eve and day is spent in the beautiful Vienna touring the markets and feasting on schnitzel and strudel! After we move on to a quick stop in Bratislava. Then a few days in Budapest soaking in the outdoor baths. Followed by Poland where we will spend a couple nights in Zankopane with an Auschwitz tour, and finishing it off in Krakow to ring in 2015! It is going to be a pretty amazing trip and I feel so lucky that I am able to do this.

Krakow Poland at Christmas time

I will be flying off tomorrow and probably wont be back up and posting until my return in January of the new year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Cheers to more Britventures in 2015!


07 December 2014

My first afternoon tea

I attended my first LDN Bloggers Tea last weekend and it was also my first time sitting down for an afternoon tea. So needless to say I was pretty excited and it did not disappoint! Fellow blogger Melanie from Sunny in London organized the whole day and it had a very celebrity classy feel to the whole event.

The Lancaster London hosted us along with their Executive Chef Ben Purton. They put a lot of work in to creating the atmosphere for us and even debuted a new Christmas pudding scone for us to try! Which was incredible!

Before we ate a representative from Laurent Perrier was around filling our glasses with bubbles and giving us a mini crash course on champagne and different foods that compliment it. Of course I got right in there and learned a few tips while enjoying my drinks! Strawberries and cheese good, olives and sun dried tomatoes bad.

The cakes, sandwiches and tarts were all beautifully presented for us and my personal favourites were the scones! We had the Christmas pudding with a special marmalade topping, plain and raisin both served with clotted cream and jam. There was so much food and I definitely left there feeling over satisfied having worked my taste buds all day.

The whole afternoon was lovely. I got to meet and chat with some other bloggers and enjoy some amazing food! It was a great experience to have as my first afternoon tea! Plus I also got to take home this fun little gift with a bottle of the champagne, the different teas, some other goodies from Lancaster London. Thanks again to Melanie and Chef Ben for a brilliant experience!


02 December 2014

December Travel Link Up

It's that time again for another travel link up hosted by Kelly, Emma, Rebecca and Sammy. This month the theme is Christmas and the holiday season.

This year I will be jetting off to explore Eastern Europe and all the festive trimmings that come along with it. This means it will be my first Christmas not spent in Canada. I'm feeling excited to take on this new adventure but also a bit nostalgic for the things I am going to be missing out on.

Every year Christmas for me is one big whirlwind event. It has always been the busiest most hectic time for me growing up and I have developed a love/hate relationship for it over the years.

I come from a big family and a family of divorce which means that I have always had to split my time at Christmas between my two families since before I can even remember. It has always been the worst part of my holiday... trying to coordinate scheduling in time to spend with each of my four parent's sides. And in the process trying to not upset anyone and visit everyone. It's a lot of pressure for a kid growing up. But as I have gotten older and developed my 'I can't please everyone' attitude it seems to have gotten better... As I can only do so much. Living overseas has put a new perspective on this for me as you really do find out who puts in an effort to keep in contact and maintain a relationship with you when you move away and who doesn't.

But on to the best parts of celebrating Christmas!

Christmas Eve is spent with my Father's side where we all get together and house hop. We spend about an hour at each of the different relatives houses eating way too much food and drinking way too much booze. It is nice because each house is known for having a different spread of food and by the time midnight rolls around I am falling asleep in a food coma. Our house is known for my Dad's Christmas village that he spends hours putting up every year to make sure it looks perfect with each house in the right spot. It started out with just a couple houses and has now grown to take up a good chunk of our family room during the holidays.


My Mother lives more North in cottage country which means I get to spend my holidays with lots of snow on a beautiful frozen lake. This is pretty much exactly what people imagine when they think of a Canadian Christmas. We ice skate on the lake, drink hot chocolate by a wood fire, play outside in the snow all day and take in lots of wildlife sightings.

This year I will miss my family and being back home but I have some great adventures to look forward to in a few weeks!