06 December 2015

Travel Plans

I have decided to spend another Christmas away from home and will be 30 Barking on another tour. Later year I had an amazing time with Busabout touring Eastern Europe which you can read about here. I have taken the plunge again and booked another tour for this holiday season with Expat Explore. I will be travelling for 12 days around Italy which I couldn't be more excited about! I have never been to Italy but have heard nothing but wonderful things from other travellers. I will be hitting up lots of great places including Rome, Sorrento, Venice, and Cinque Terre just to name a few. I am most excited for the food especially since I LOVE pizza and pasta! Plus add in some red wine and I just might never come back!

I have also made plans to travel home to Canada in April to visit my family for two weeks. Usually I go home at Christmas or in the summer holidays but I had decided to go in April and I must say it was a great decision based on the price difference! Usually at Christmas I pay around £850-1000 and in summer around £850 but I just booked my flights with Airtransat for £405!!!! How amazing is that? So I plan to spend my April holidays in the Kawarthas with one half of my parents and in Windsor with the other half.

Going home in April was also because I have never spent the summer in Europe. So my plan will be to go away to a few places and also enjoy London in the summertime! I will also be doing some travelling with my brother during this time as he will be coming over! So great plans being made and more adventures to capture!

02 December 2015

Richmond Park

I went to Richmond Park not too long ago to see the deer and have a nice Saturday out enjoying the Autumn weather before it gets too cold. I had never been to Richmond Park and I must admit it is quite a journey to get out to from my area of North London but it was all worth it. The park is massive in size and has lots of different trails you can take around it. We lucked out because there were so many deer out and about since it was mating season and they were barking loudly the whole time. The amazing part is how close you can actually get to them which made for some great pictures. I highly recommend Richmond Park to anyone who is looking for a nice stroll for Saturday afternoon.

Richmond Park
7:30am till dusk (winter)
7:00am till dusk (summer)


29 November 2015

Canadian Summer

For the summer I headed back to Canada for four weeks to spend time with my family and friends. It was a year since the last time I had been home and I was really missing my family.
I flew in to Toronto and met up with two of my really good friend, one that lives there and the other one travelled up to join us from Windsor for the weekend. It was good times. We spent two days laughing way too much, and just enjoying finally being back together. It was nice and I love the fact that I can go for months without seeing these girls and when we're back together we just pick up right where we left off.

Then I headed back to Windsor to spend a couple weeks with one set of parents. It was chaotic and busy since during this time I was also seeing all my other family and friends that I hadn't seen in a year. So I was trying to squish it all in to a very short time period. In Windsor I did get to meet some new additions to my friend circle in the form of tiny humans since two of my friends are now new moms. Which is crazy because it was so different this year coming home to hang out them and their babies. The days of agressive flip cup tournaments are sadly few and far between #adultlife. But I did get to partake in a few good nights out in the always classy downtown area. I was also able to spend some quality time with my parents and take in a Tigers game in Detroit and a family friends wedding.

Then I headed to America to stay with my brother and niece for the night. He has recently relocated across the border to live in Michigan so I was able to hang out and see his new place before we drove up to spend my last 2 weeks with my other set of parents at their lake house.

My last two weeks were very relaxing and I spent my days lounging on the dock, swimming in the lake and just spending some good quality time with my parents, brothers and niece. It was nice to have us all together even if just for a couple nights at the same time.


16 September 2015

Mykonos, Greece

The last leg of my island hopping trip was spent in Mykonos. This was honestly my least favourite island. It had been hyped up way to much about being the best island to party on and the most fun but in all honesty I found it a bit too commercial and just not as fun as the other islands had been. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that I didn't really like the place we stayed in. We stayed in a small little cabin which was great but the actual hotel, Paradise Beach was too much. It was part of a huge nightclub and just felt over crowded mostly. The beach was packed with loungers and umbrellas and the hotel was crawling with douchey men (yes I'm using the term douchey because it literally explains the men perfectly)

We has good time out partying in the clubs at the hotel but I was missing the beautiful beaches I had already experienced at previous islands and the gorgeous scenery.

 Our second day we went to see the windmills in town which made everything better. When you escape Paradise Beach and head in to town it is so much better! The town was so pretty to walk around in and we got to see a beautiful sunset by the windmills. My recommendation is to stay in Mykonos town and then go on a night out to Paradise Beach but don't actually stay there.  

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Overall I had a brilliant experience with Med Experience. My tour guide Maggie kept us all safe and showed us a good time around the islands. I highly reccemend going on an adventure with them if you want to have a good time and let someone else plan a trip for you. All you have to do is show up which makes it so much easier!
My fellow trip mates and our guide Maggie


13 September 2015

New name, New look.

So as you can see Britventures is no more! I have decided to give my blog a little revamp and make it more personal. So hence the name change to Capturing Cara because it suits my blog theme of capturing moments and events in my life. Plus my love for taking pictures to capture memories... I think you get the point.

Special thanks to the lovely Cat whom also did Britventures for me and has now done the whole redesign for Capturing Cara as well. I can't so how happy I am with the results and how easy she is to work with! I highly recommend her to all you bloggers out there! You can check out her work at Gatto

So cheers to more blogging and a new home for my adventures :) 


25 August 2015

Paros, Greece

After leaving a fun filled bar crawl in Ios we jumped back on the ferry and headed towards Paros. Paros is more of a relaxed island and this is where we spent our days swimming in the clearest waters I have ever seen and eating more traditional Greek food.

The first day we ventured down to the harbour where we got to see the main part of town. We took in a group dinner which consisted of a 5 course traditional Greek meal. It was the most food I have ever seen in one sitting. I also made thew rookie mistake of snacking all day leading up to this meal so after the 2nd course I was dying from being overstuffed. The food was so good! We had some girlled breads with olive tapenade to begin. Then we were given a shot of ouzo and grilled octopus to start the feast off. This was followed by some moussaka and a spinach pie. (Now by this time I am stuffed to the brim) Then came the meat platters. These were so big and filled with all different types of meat with some chips on the side. Then if that wasn't enough they proceeded to bring out another crazy meat platter filled with even more different meats! Then for desert we had the best balklava I have ever tasted. Literally just soaked in honey... mmm...so good. The whole night was great and during dinner we were entertained by Greek dancers and even got our own chance to dance along side them.  Which created a good little break between food courses.

Our second day in Paros was spent boating through the sea and around the island of Antiparos. This was the best part of Paros and I highly recommend it. We had our own private boat and we would drive to different areas where they would dock the boat off and let us swim around in the water. Rachel told me from the start our trip that her favourite thing when she went away to Croatia was to jump off the boat into the sea. And I have to say after doing that in Greece I now fully agree. The water was so clear and beautiful. It is literally the most stunning blue colour I have ever seen in my life. Absolutely gorgeous! Such a great relaxing day hanging my feet off the side of the boat while taking in the beautiful views of Greece.

That night we came back and headed back down to the main part of Paros where we enjoyed a nice dinner followed by an evening out in some clubs on the island. 

Coming soon the last stop.... Mykonos

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20 August 2015

Ios, Greece

After leaving the beautiful island of Santorini we headed on the ferry towards Ios which I would say was by far the most fun out of all the islands we went to. I had never heard of Ios before and had looked it up a bit before going to see what it was all about. It turned out to be a fun party island full of tiny hole-in-wall bars and crawling with lots of Aussies. I pretty much fell in love every second with the beautiful men that seemed to flock to this island.

In Ios the first day we had sometime to ourselves so Rachel and I ventured down to the main beach but luckily by mistake ended up hiking down to this small secluded beach instead. Which turned out to be amazing! It barely had any people on it and had the most gorgeous sand and clear water. It was by far my favourite beach of the whole trip. I think mostly because it didn't have any of the tacky umbrellas or chairs that all the rest of the beaches seemed to have. It was heaven. So we spent our afternoon hanging out in the water and laying on the sand. 

That night our group ended up enbarking on a 12 bar crawl through the winding streets of Ios which was suppose to take us until the mroning and those who lasted got to watch the sunrise over Ios from atop a hill. Needless to say I made it my mission to get to the sunrise and was accompanied by a little under half of the group that also made it through the night.

The bars in Ios were amazing! Each bar had a singlet you could get which seemed to be all the rage in Ios since everyone seemed to be sporting different singlets every day around the island. Rachel and I hopped on the bandwagon and got our own singlets from Lost Boys and Pash.

My favourite bars were Lost Boys which had a bit of a underground tree house theme to it and a bit of Peter Pan flair. And me being a Peter Pan lover I was hooked imediately. Slammer Bar was another favourite for me which probably had the most unique and insane concept. You pay the bartenders for s 'slammer shot' which means they put a helmet on your head and you take a fizzy shot and as soon as your finished they hit you over the head with an object. You also get to choose what you get hit over the head with such as a fire extinguisher, a hammer, a shakeboard deck, a crate or even a kick the head. I did it twice. Once with a skateboard deck and then some guy kicked me in the head. Hillarious but also so dumb and clearly it would never fly anywhere else but Ios. But I loved every minute of it.

Our second day in Ios was spent doing a speed boat tour with where we had a beautiful tour guide show us around island, give us some history, take us to swim in a cave in the water, snorkel around a shipwreck and relax on a secluded beach. It was such a fun little adventure but I didn't have my camera with me so I have no photos from the experience.

I loved Ios and think it would be such a fun place to live for a couple months and just hang out. Everyone was having a good time and the island just gave off such good vibes overall. 

Next stop Paros!

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05 August 2015

Santorini, Greece

Santorini was by far my favourite Greek Island that I travelled to. It was just breathtaking and picturesque! It's everything you expect Greece to be when you book a trip. We spent two days in Santorini the first of which was spent for 8 hours on a ferry from Athens. Which actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. We did a little exploring the first day and then went out for a group dinner where we watched the sunset over Santorini's volcano and then had a couple drinks at a Scottish pub to cap off the night.

dinner with a view


The hostel we stayed in was called Santorini Camping but we weren't camping (thank god.) We stayed in little small dorms right next to the pool area. This was probably my least favourite stay of the trip as I was bunked in with 7 other people from my tour in a very cramped room. In comparison to our other accommodations along the way where we only had to share a room with 2 or 3 others.

Santorini Camping
Our second day in Santorini was by far my favourite day of the whole trip. We saw and did so much in one day that it was almost unreal. We woke up and began with a hike to the top of this cliff area overlooking the most beautiful view. It was a very hot day and the hike was a pretty good one so I was thankful for my running shoes and the litre of water I brought. We spent some time taking in the views and snapping some pictures before we headed down the other side of the mountain to Oia which is where you get to see all the white buildings and churches with the blue roof domes. It is the postcard picture area of Greece.  

On our way town we walked past Angelina and Brad's holiday home which was pretty cool to see and actually a bit surprising that it's not very secluded. We were standing on the wall beside it taking pictures and looking in without any issues but obviously it was vacant at the time. We did see one security guard who came around for a quick chat... by quick I mean he spoke no English.

Brangelina's holiday home
We spent the rest of the afternoon in Oia navigating the small streets and taking in the different shops and views. Then our crew headed out on coach to Akrotiri and Red Beach. Akrotiri is an excavation site which has the reamins of a settlement which was destoryed by a volcanic eruption around 1627 BC. Basically you can see parts of walls, structures and artifacts that were burried under all the volcanic ash but were then dug up and preserved for the public to see. Across from the site was Red Beach which was another hike around the side of a cliff. (As you can tell Santorini was a lot of hiking.) The beach itself was made up of red and black volcanic stones which weren't the nicest to walk on but it was beautiful to see the dark blue water and the red cliff sides together. It was such a cool site but not my favourite beach of the trip as I will get to on the next island. But still a pretty beautiful sight to see. 


red beach
We then headed back to our hostel got cleaned up and headed out for a wine tasting session at Santo Wines. Here we got to sample a local white and a sweet dessert wine. Again this place offered a magnificient view which seems to happen everywhere you go in Greece. And on to our final stop for the evening, which was a monastery at the top of a hill. It was overlooking Santorini and we bought some bottles of homemade wine off the monks and sat watching the sunset. Basically an amazing ending to an amazing day that simply sounds unbelievable every time I retell it.


Next stop Ios!

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