06 July 2015


For the May half term I opted to head with some friends to a little place filled with sunshine, beaches, warm weather and lots of partying!

I had never been to Ibiza before and honestly hadn't heard much of it until this year. In reality the only thing I knew was that the Vengaboys sang a song about it... so pretty much nothing. Once we booked I began to learn more about it from friends who had been in the past and actually taking the time to look it up online. I figured it would be the European version of my North American spring break experience. The only difference is I was 18 on spring break and now fast forward to 12 years later...

I was pleasantly surprised to realise that Ibiza is more than just a party. Don't get me wrong we did partake in all dayers which turned in to early mornings. But we also got to soak in some sunshine and take in the island of Formentera for a day of cycling and exploring. 

It was the beginning of the season so we visited only a few clubs since a lot weren't open yet. We did manage to hit up Bora Bora for a couple day parties on the beach. As well as Pasha at night twice since they had some good DJs playing both nights. We got to see Fatboy Slim play which in honestly I'm not really in to house music that much but he was amazing and had such a good set! For the rest of the week I had 'eat sleep rave repeat' in my head the entire trip along with the rest of our crew. 

It was a great trip but after four full days with little sleep I was exhausted and ready to come home for a nice long sleep in my own bed. With that being said I would definitely recommend that everyone goes to Ibiza just to experience it at least once.

Linking up with my friend Sara who bought a GoPro just in time for our trip so major props and photo cred to her :)
You can also read her post about of adventures in Ibiza on Big world, small me!