05 August 2015

Santorini, Greece

Santorini was by far my favourite Greek Island that I travelled to. It was just breathtaking and picturesque! It's everything you expect Greece to be when you book a trip. We spent two days in Santorini the first of which was spent for 8 hours on a ferry from Athens. Which actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. We did a little exploring the first day and then went out for a group dinner where we watched the sunset over Santorini's volcano and then had a couple drinks at a Scottish pub to cap off the night.

dinner with a view


The hostel we stayed in was called Santorini Camping but we weren't camping (thank god.) We stayed in little small dorms right next to the pool area. This was probably my least favourite stay of the trip as I was bunked in with 7 other people from my tour in a very cramped room. In comparison to our other accommodations along the way where we only had to share a room with 2 or 3 others.

Santorini Camping
Our second day in Santorini was by far my favourite day of the whole trip. We saw and did so much in one day that it was almost unreal. We woke up and began with a hike to the top of this cliff area overlooking the most beautiful view. It was a very hot day and the hike was a pretty good one so I was thankful for my running shoes and the litre of water I brought. We spent some time taking in the views and snapping some pictures before we headed down the other side of the mountain to Oia which is where you get to see all the white buildings and churches with the blue roof domes. It is the postcard picture area of Greece.  

On our way town we walked past Angelina and Brad's holiday home which was pretty cool to see and actually a bit surprising that it's not very secluded. We were standing on the wall beside it taking pictures and looking in without any issues but obviously it was vacant at the time. We did see one security guard who came around for a quick chat... by quick I mean he spoke no English.

Brangelina's holiday home
We spent the rest of the afternoon in Oia navigating the small streets and taking in the different shops and views. Then our crew headed out on coach to Akrotiri and Red Beach. Akrotiri is an excavation site which has the reamins of a settlement which was destoryed by a volcanic eruption around 1627 BC. Basically you can see parts of walls, structures and artifacts that were burried under all the volcanic ash but were then dug up and preserved for the public to see. Across from the site was Red Beach which was another hike around the side of a cliff. (As you can tell Santorini was a lot of hiking.) The beach itself was made up of red and black volcanic stones which weren't the nicest to walk on but it was beautiful to see the dark blue water and the red cliff sides together. It was such a cool site but not my favourite beach of the trip as I will get to on the next island. But still a pretty beautiful sight to see. 


red beach
We then headed back to our hostel got cleaned up and headed out for a wine tasting session at Santo Wines. Here we got to sample a local white and a sweet dessert wine. Again this place offered a magnificient view which seems to happen everywhere you go in Greece. And on to our final stop for the evening, which was a monastery at the top of a hill. It was overlooking Santorini and we bought some bottles of homemade wine off the monks and sat watching the sunset. Basically an amazing ending to an amazing day that simply sounds unbelievable every time I retell it.


Next stop Ios!

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  1. Those sunsets look amazing!!!! I loved Santorini too x