16 September 2015

Mykonos, Greece

The last leg of my island hopping trip was spent in Mykonos. This was honestly my least favourite island. It had been hyped up way to much about being the best island to party on and the most fun but in all honesty I found it a bit too commercial and just not as fun as the other islands had been. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that I didn't really like the place we stayed in. We stayed in a small little cabin which was great but the actual hotel, Paradise Beach was too much. It was part of a huge nightclub and just felt over crowded mostly. The beach was packed with loungers and umbrellas and the hotel was crawling with douchey men (yes I'm using the term douchey because it literally explains the men perfectly)

We has good time out partying in the clubs at the hotel but I was missing the beautiful beaches I had already experienced at previous islands and the gorgeous scenery.

 Our second day we went to see the windmills in town which made everything better. When you escape Paradise Beach and head in to town it is so much better! The town was so pretty to walk around in and we got to see a beautiful sunset by the windmills. My recommendation is to stay in Mykonos town and then go on a night out to Paradise Beach but don't actually stay there.  

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Overall I had a brilliant experience with Med Experience. My tour guide Maggie kept us all safe and showed us a good time around the islands. I highly reccemend going on an adventure with them if you want to have a good time and let someone else plan a trip for you. All you have to do is show up which makes it so much easier!
My fellow trip mates and our guide Maggie


13 September 2015

New name, New look.

So as you can see Britventures is no more! I have decided to give my blog a little revamp and make it more personal. So hence the name change to Capturing Cara because it suits my blog theme of capturing moments and events in my life. Plus my love for taking pictures to capture memories... I think you get the point.

Special thanks to the lovely Cat whom also did Britventures for me and has now done the whole redesign for Capturing Cara as well. I can't so how happy I am with the results and how easy she is to work with! I highly recommend her to all you bloggers out there! You can check out her work at Gatto

So cheers to more blogging and a new home for my adventures :)