10 August 2016


Had my GoPro with me in Iceland and sadly only used it on one of the days. But here is a little video from a day out in Iceland. This is my first time editing so it's a little shaky... but still cool.


09 August 2016


First off I can say that Iceland in the summer time is gorgeous! Before going I had talked to lots of different people who had been to Iceland and absolutely loved it,  so I had high expectations from the start. Iceland was the perfect destination for my brother and I to meet for our holiday as it turns out that Iceland Air does layovers from Canada to England and you can pick how long you stop in Iceland on the way. So he chose to layover for 7 days and I met him there. 

I found a great little place to stay on Airbnb which was just a 20 minute walk from downtown Reykjavik. It gave us lots of space with two bedrooms and had a sweet record collection to listen to in our down time.

The best part about Iceland is there are so many things to see and do. So on day 1 we were presented with the daunting task of picking some activities and tours from the vast amount of choices. There is literally 10 different companies that do the same whale watching... it all gets overwhelming fast. I suggest going in to the tourist information located in the centre of Reykavik and looking over all 

On the first day we did the free walking tour with CityWalk which I read about on Trip Advisor and thought it was be a good way for us to get our bearings around Reykjavik. The woman who did our tour was amazing. She gave us lots of good insight on the city and kept us entertained for the couple hours. It was great and I highly recommend it to anyone going. 

We booked a tour of the South Shore with Reykjavik Excursions which was kind of last minute but it turned out to be our favourite one of the week. The tour took us to some amazing sights. We got to see two waterfalls one where could walk behind and the other you could walk right up to it and under if you wanted to. Because it was such a gorgeous day outside both waterfalls had rainbows coming form them which just added to the mystical beauty that is Iceland. We also visited a black sand beach and got to get up close to a glacier. 

We took a windy boat ride to go whale watching with Special Tours. We got to spend a couple hours riding around and trying to track down whales. Plus an added bonus for me was listening to our guide talk about the whales in his Scottish accent. *swoon* We got really lucky as one of the whales was breaching so I got the chance to grab a few good shots.

The last tour we decided to take was the most popular tour The Golden Circle and we went with a smaller group through Gateway to Iceland.  and weren't as impressed as we were with the South Shore tour. This tour took us to see a massive waterfall, we walked between tectonic plates, went to the national park to watch geysers explode nd finished off the day at a natural hot spring called the secret lagoon. Our driver also stopped along the way for us to pet some horses which was one of the highlights of that tour.

Iceland is an incredible place. Reykjavik was a cool city with lots of things to do. We spent lots of time exploring the city and trying lots of food! I loved Iceland but if we could do it again, my brother and I agreed we would definitely rent a car since it's so easy to get around and drive. Plus you can camp all over the country as they have so many different little campsites around. At one of the waterfalls you could literally camp right near it. Which would be an amazing sight to wake up to in the morning.


06 August 2016

Back at it.

Sadly this post is wayyyyyyy overdue. I have seriously neglected my blog for some time now. I blame it on the fact that I was using a very old Dell mini laptop from 2007 and it just was taking forever to edit pictures and write each post. So I just gave up. Upon my return from Iceland a few days ago all has changed. I tried to get the pictures off my camera and they would not open on my computer so I decided that was the last straw for my piece of shit laptop and made a snap decision to purchase a mac. Thank god for a little thing called a credit card. The next day here I am typing to you on my new Macbook Air... and it is glorious! Already I have swooned over the quality of my Iceland pictures and how quickly they have loaded. I am in love. So I have a lot to catch the blog up on...

New posts to come soon...
Christmas spent in Italy

But it may take a while longer as I have some big travel plans for August:
Iceland (just got back)
Boomtown Fair

So I will try to post again soon but for now I leave you with some Iceland pictures to drool over.