06 August 2016

Back at it.

Sadly this post is wayyyyyyy overdue. I have seriously neglected my blog for some time now. I blame it on the fact that I was using a very old Dell mini laptop from 2007 and it just was taking forever to edit pictures and write each post. So I just gave up. Upon my return from Iceland a few days ago all has changed. I tried to get the pictures off my camera and they would not open on my computer so I decided that was the last straw for my piece of shit laptop and made a snap decision to purchase a mac. Thank god for a little thing called a credit card. The next day here I am typing to you on my new Macbook Air... and it is glorious! Already I have swooned over the quality of my Iceland pictures and how quickly they have loaded. I am in love. So I have a lot to catch the blog up on...

New posts to come soon...
Christmas spent in Italy

But it may take a while longer as I have some big travel plans for August:
Iceland (just got back)
Boomtown Fair

So I will try to post again soon but for now I leave you with some Iceland pictures to drool over.


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