13 October 2016


This summer was the first time I decided not to head back home to Canada for a visit and actually take advantage of the long break and beautiful weather in Europe. So I headed to Iceland first with my brother which you can read about here. Then I spent the rest of my summer in Spain!

I headed off for a girls week in Barcelona before one of my friends left for a year long travel around the world. My first experience with Barcelona was not the best and I actually didn't really enjoy the city but upon going back a second time I loved it! The food for one thing was amazing! We spent most of our days walking the city streets and the nights were spent going tapas loco! We got to hit up some amazing food spots that were recommended to Sara from other bloggers.

We took in the nightlife and went to see Steve Aoki at Pasha one night. Which could have been amazing but they literally packed the club so ridiculously full that you couldn't move anywhere. We lucked out and found a good little spot on the side of the DJ booth but it meant we couldn't see Steve Aoki very well the whole time. But we did have enough space to dance around which was better for us. 

Overall it was a very chilled out nice way to spend a week of my summer. I love any place that does good wine and good food :)


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