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Expat (short for expatriate) : Somebody who has left their homeland to live or work in another country, usually for a long period of time.

So this is me, a Canadian expat living the big city life in London. I decided to embark on this adventure over four years ago while completing my teaching degree. It was a pretty random choice and I interviewed for the job not fully committed to actually moving that far away from home. I had personally always wanted to visit London but never imagined actually living here. Now four years later I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I get to live in this amazingly busy city full of culture and life. I have met some great friends and made some incredible memories. I also have discovered this new love for travel which I didn't even know existed in me. So here are my ramblings, experiences and adventures in word and picture form.

Cara : Canadian. Londoner. expat. blogger. traveller. teacher. photography enthusiast. instagrammer. londoner. reader. music lover. concert goer.  chi latte drinker. arts advocate. people watcher. harry potter fan. ukelele player. movie addict. theatre patron. hopeless romantic.


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